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Unzip your genes as you slip into a bath of 5G (G for Genocide)

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Narcissists from deviant families – where status & appearance always dominates and the sex-money-power triad constantly insinuates – control this world politically, meaning by doing whatever it takes to subdue the people and build-up personal political capital through the exchange of favors

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BEYOND Q lies the attempt to rectify what’s been spoilt A GAINMAKING TRIBE goes down to estrangement and opposition WHAT ELSE MAY OCCUR 2018?

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December 2017 Mars and Jupiter appear with Mercury appearing from the Solstice, Venus and Saturn combust. Nostradamus says an openly evil time

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Some say that the West’s history over the last century was not random but rather it was big-monied corruption on an inhuman, god-envious scale

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The exhorted cries of “Lock Her Up!” have gone with the wind but we may yet hear a clamourous “Lock Him Up!” instead

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