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Scan the sky besieged leader! Nostradamus Quatrain VI 34 speaks of a fiery flying machine! Who do we know praises as good his drone badness?

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Trump is emerging as king with a kingdom The state-within-a-state’s showing no sign of regicide A barking dog never bites He will reign awhile

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Nostradamus III 95 finds Donald Trump and ‘élection’ among letters of the First Couplet and Hillary Clinton and ‘présidentielle’ in the Second 

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Lunar New Year is here! What hope does this hold for the whole round world? Bio-Scares? New Science? The West Setting? A Cruel Clown Crowned?

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I hear you’re dropping bombs on people who are threatening to bomb you so as to stop all that evil bombing. I just wonder how well it’s going?

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It is a tragedy of the human condition that we must endure so much pain before arriving at the compromise that we always knew must be made NM

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We may now regard the final landing of another high flyer as Uranus-Pluto ride their penultimate charted right-angle in a sequence begun 2008

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