The ban on Holy Terra is here:

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If you see a man wearing an ultra-expensive gown or a woman in a crisp uniform telling people what God wants – which nobody can know – that is Holy Terrarism.

God uses few words, if any at all.

We know not the mind of God, if God has a mind.

God is Truth is Love is Reality.

In truth we have no acquired knowledge of God that is not fantastical but if you go inside without congregation you may come to KNOW GOD personally. (Yet what you newly KNOW may be quite impossible to describe.)

Through love you can catch God outside you (including as Nature) inside you (as your special portion of Spirit) and also in personal relationship with you through the inspirational portal of the heart.

God is Real. Whatever is not Real, such as a lie, blocks you from God so that God cannot reach you in that lie to support and protect you. The Real cannot enter the Unreal because there is no reality to enter! To hide inside falsity – yours or anybody else’s deceptions – is to shelter behind an ‘invisibility shield’ that makes neither lost sheep nor goat knowable to whomever would rescue it.

I hope that you may succeed this time – you will sometime – and that the terrarists do not attack you for your successes (even for the reason that such an intent might well turn in upon them). Beware of goodly perseverance coupled to evil intent. God is everything Truthful and Real. Money is the least real of all things and cannot buy God. Sacred real estate and holy trappings are of the material world, terra, and not of the Spirit.

Join me,

Nigel Raymond Offord


Global Politics seem to be posing as biblical End Time. A neurotic neo-nation sees itself supernaturally sealed to slaughter its wicked wet-nurse the world.

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Jews in the US are mainly Euro-Ashkenazis and they are the usual ruling class of Israel also.  As we might expect, somebody has come up with a DNA bit that looks to link them to the Jews of Judea Province/Roman Palestine. 

History books have listed their rulers as converts to Judaism for avoidance of political pressures and with as little link to the Torah as Euro-Christians had.

The word Jew came late. Quite possibly there is no guarantee that any Jew is Hebrew by descent. Jesus’ Apostles were of the Tribe of Benjamin, even  Paul but not Judas who was Judean. The anti-Judah Samaritans (Hebrew speakers and often Levy’s or Cohen’s) are almost extinct today.

The vast subject of ‘feeling Jewish’ and anti-Jewish feeling is covered extensively by my Article END-TIME NOSTRADAMUS SERIES (2) CHOSEN

In my view, Christian Canon appears suspiciously soft on the Romans, who were hard rulers, and it was Roman government that killed Jesus, not the Judean population to whom history has been so harsh. Despite modern appearances to the contrary;

Communism is close to a traditional Jewish way of life.

World communism is essentially a Jewish theory.

Bizarrely, anti-white activism was Jewish promoted originally.

The same with anti-Christmas feelings.

Same with cultural diversity and open immigration activism in America and Europe (but not in Israel).

‘Orthodox Jews’ relate fairly badly to other Jews and form a smaller group, fundamentally non-Zionist.

It was decided in the late 1940’s to warn landed Arabs to go from Israel and failing that to exert acts of terror upon them in the belief that they would flee. Even young Israeli girl soldiers swung cutlasses and sliced the manhood off poor Arab peasants who stood by their house and land, we read. Despite considerable land shrinkage many ‘Palestinian’ Arabs are still living on their own land no matter what. Internationally-composed deals perhaps favouring Israelis have been repeatedly offered to them and rejected causing one Western diplomat to throw shade on the Palestinian Arabs recently for stubbornly slowing inevitable progress.

One morning the BBC Today radio programme in London hosted a visit by the Israeli Ambassador. An embarassed sort of hush fell over the opening proceedings as the important man entered the studio. Radio silence was broken by an audible swishing noise – similar to the sound of a cockroach infestation sweeping across the floor – and so I imagined him to be long-robed like an emperor. The interviewer was obsequious and the ambassador was deliberately even-spoken yet with an edge indicating that he expected to be obeyed. Mention of a nuclear capability was dismissed by him as if in shock at the sheer impropriety of the questioner. This cowered the retreating BBC interviewer. And all this on a show fabled for being no-nonsense, hard-hitting and probing with British politicians.

Jewish bankers used to be ‘the tail that wags the dog’ in the Western world. Now Jews are become the great hound itself. Jewishness is being seriously admired in China today and marriages approved.

The beloved city of Jerusalem has always maintained a kind of symbolic separation from Judah/Israel. Legally it still isn’t clear to whom Jerusalem belongs which is why it’s partitioned. Muslims, Christians and Jews make counterclaims based on strong religious reasons. The Pope was gifted a chunk too, by Israel.

International experts even claim it should be its own unique place because no power should actually hold it. Armaggedon lurks behind peoples’ perceptions here.

Following the US recognizing Jerusalem as if it were the capital of Israel by placing its main American Embassy there, some regrettable civilian fighting and spatial encroachments may have occurred.

New Testament prophecy, mainly from the Book of Revelation, is now on many folk’s minds as Israel bombs Syria, the Keep of the Iranian Fortress.

(Past bosses of Mossad, apparently, have had to restrain Netanyahu from attacking Iran directly, a disastrous course. Netanyahu’s favoured m.o. is always completely destroy the problem, they say. The present attack on trapped Palestinians might be as unjustly thorough.)

Surely gov would only grant immunity to a drug corp if they ‘own’ its key members or else one common entity controls all? Why did UK PM hold a meet-sans-minutes with a rapt monopolist whose population reduction urges have had him banned for physical and mental abuses by vaccine?

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Beware of caring bullshit. Having tinnitus myself I read all the way through page after page of PR dross leading up to a How To Cure Tinnitus punt. The final page invited a certain sum of money be sent in return for the cure. It claimed that if you did this then the tinnitus would be softened tolerably “like when you put your hands over your ears to block tinnitus out”. Tinnitus is inside your head not outside! Putting my hand over my tinnitus-filled ear only makes it sound louder! This guy has not the faintest idea what tinnitus is! I’ve also seen anti-tinnitus captions with drawings of an ear that is glowing bright red on the outside. Why?

I guess they learn that something is totally incurable and then they think up a bullshit cure to trade with on the ‘desperate sufferers market’ without knowing a thing about it! THAT SCAM SOUNDS TOO FAMILIAR!

IMO if Researchers are lobbed big packets of ideas and money and grasp the strings attached then quality of research may edge from mistaken to mediocre. Similarly the gigantic over-expenditure on the Military Industrials produces error.

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I had a friend, now gone, who once invited me to his small factory that produced missiles for the armed forces. He showed me government diagrams he had been sub-contracted to follow and explained the errors in them. This meant, he said, that they would miss their target. I wondered whether he had ever reported back on that? Emphatically no! His contract would be cancelled, he said, to cover over this mediocrity. Instead he corrected their errors to make his manufactured missiles accurate but had never mentioned this! Today’s well-fed Military Industrial Suppliers would doubtfully put this work out to a small sub-contractor. Maybe they’d lobby for more money to extend their own factories so as to reduce the risks of an extended supply chain! More money paid, more mistakes perpetuated – for fear of giving offense and losing lucrative contracts.

So what about those unentitled for FDA approval and untested so-called vaccines contracted at $billions? (All roads lead back to the gates of DARPA, btw)

What the world needs now is more Enlightened Individual Humanity and less hive-people cowering within the collective corruption.

Why are only two COVID-reactionary economic strategem still being promoted in the World 2021?

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COVID-19 provoked two reactions, the one of mitigating its impact and the visionary one … both deal with the symptoms only and practical ‘links’ between them are acutely absent.

Alexei Krudin, June 2020, See the full text at 


Global solutions so far:

Forcible restraint of the economy’s oxen


remodel the entire economic ox-cart by removing its axle and dispensing with the surplus livestock.

Why are there no other ideas between these wasting extremes?

A human strategy is available somewhere in the gap between the two, perhaps being denied sufficient and necessary attention by the errant artists of our present-day theatre of the absurd.

About the COVID-19 laboratory pandemic:

There is not any vaccination that works against a virus that comes into the lung via the airways and stays in the lung.

From brave Dr.Sucharit Bhakdi’s interview with organized Taylor Hudak, April 2021, at The Last American Vagabond (Youtube)





Humans live as if in a circling herd. Moving out from the safe centre to the dangerous edge we run risks, yet briefly. Chances of damage by X-ray are above lightning strike but below dying in a car. We understand what we undertake. We are not children.

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Are Governments channelling the billionaire magnate Howard Hughes who had once wrapped himself all-over against flies?
Germ phobia is said to have been instilled in him in childhood by his mother, first as educated logic but later in life this developed into OCD.

“12 times more people are dying from cancer than Covid”

Mail on Sunday, 10.4.21


“98% of French teachers say ‘non’ to AstraZeneca: Mass vaccination centre offering jab to over-55s is forced to close after just 58 people out of 3,000 signed up”
Mailonline, 18.4.21



Asian Flu lasted a few months. COV-19 is taking more time with a possibly slewed spread of natural immunity and other ills given their head in the West. Past pandemics led to quite a long rise in wages/fall in capital demand. A human capital reset with a sting for pro investors.

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The great unwashed reset is uniform income, O assets. Equal buying power makes us unable to overbid for a basket of essential items (denominated by them) so a ‘crat must choose who will get and who won’t from purposely scarce supplies AI manufactured by the stupefyingly rich.

nigelraymondofford (C) 2021

Govt population figures are never up-to-date or unshuffled. Africa, the biggest continent by far, totals up to nearly 1,400,000,000. Deaths from COV-19 are at 40,000 – 80,000. With a population approaching any West European country Kenya has had under 1,000 dead

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Among Africa’s COVID cull is a disproportionate tally of national leaders including Ghana’s former president J.J.Rawlings, Congo-Brazaville former president J.J.Yhombi-Opango, Libya’s former president Jibril, Burundi’s 2 former presidents Nkurunziza and Buyoya, no less than 4 Zimbabwe Govt Ministers, Eswatini’s Prime Minister A.Dlamini, Sudan’s former PM al-Mahdi, Somalia’s former PM Hussein, 2 Malawi Govt Ministers and 4 of their officials.* And John Magufuli who just died after two week’s absence from good works. These days we might presume to guess that his cause of death would be listed as COVID-19 but Alkebulan Times has said cancer while the Tanzanian Vice President Samia Suluhu Hassan has said he died of heart failure.

The President made headlines in 2020 by exposing bizarre nonsensical COV-19 test results playfully obtained by Tanzania.  President Magufuli accused the test labs of a dirty game. A dirty trick?
*“It’s time to rein in Tanzania’s anti-vaxxer president” (Guardian.UK. Feb 8 2021)

Why did I not learn of this before? Press release, Pasteur Institute:
“On January 29, 2020, the Institut Pasteur, which is responsible for monitoring respiratory viruses in France, sequenced the whole genome of the coronavirus known as “2019-nCoV”.”

 Pasteur Institutes around the world are recognized for their high quality work.

“In December 2019, an outbreak of apparently viral pneumonia of unknown etiology emerged in the city of Wuhan, in the Chinese province of Hubei. On January 9, 2020, the Chinese health authorities and the World Health Organization (WHO) announced the discovery of a novel coronavirus, known as 2019-nCoV (isolated on January 7), which was confirmed as the agent responsible for the pneumonia cases”

“Over the weekend of January 11-12, the Chinese authorities shared the full sequence of the coronavirus genome, as detected in samples taken from the first patients.”

Isolated and sequenced?

The Press had this news on 30.01.2020

Greed for our computing machinery to work faster and faster will have the effect on computers designed to predict the future that they will have processed data-feed of the present so speedily and thoroughly that as they publish each forecast it will already have been superceded.

“According to a Gallup poll, 51% of healthcare workers refuse to vaccinate and Fauci is promoting the Great Reset”



There were giant corporations back then (the Nuff-ill-wind or Naff-ill-whim) a dire combination of faceless legal entity and mock-human legal personality who spawned lineages as their elite narcissists got matey with susceptible technocrats in the days of Darpa before the Flash.

And the Surveillors were sent up to the heavens and down to the burrows and attached to every spy-point in between. Listening to every word and seeing what they should not they desired most the depraved-by-behavioral-psyops cam girls whom they considered comely. Things got hot.

Said Schwab to NASA “quick build a ship out of cubic blocks of build-back-better-balls and zoom us up in matched pairs to Mars where our personal helicopters will still work”. But they fused to Mount Zion even as they fired and we are not therefore descended from them, Pious Be.

On Considering the Logos, “Global development by BILL & MELINDA GATES foundation”
Without asking for it the Microsoft software came ‘freely given’ with every p.c. purchased on the retail market. But Gate’s group had slinkily inserted an annual renewal fee on what originally had seemed like a retailer’s gift to the end-user and at least had seemed replete with the original package. His Softopoly gambit? Suggest ‘free parking’ yet still demand rent? His end game? Corner life’s utilities then choke the playing board’s population to death? Sad man say, ‘In Softopoly can use old rents to secure new killer deal.’

“This unshakeable belief (that there is one microbe for every illness) is so ingrained as the controlling medical idea for the Western world that competing ideas about disease causation still have difficulty gaining traction.” Merinda Teller

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Originally a medical outsider, L.Pasteur (who inspired and lived in the foundational period for the pharmaceutical industry) had political links and royal connections right up to the top. Just like Nostradamus. (See NOTE 4 on Nostradamus Quatrain 1 25 in the Article Epistle to the King)

Pasteur brought new light to an old germ theory of disease. The word ‘germ’ has as its widest meaning the breathing of life into a notional future. “Don’t breathe on me or you’ll give me your disease.” Well maybe not, in fact probably no, but possibly yes. Does that microbe carry a weapon to destroy you with? Is it purposely dooming the human race? Some do appear to have extraordinary abilities to determinedly navigate the human body. Can this be a fact? It sounds like a Sci-Fi fantasy. Yet a dis-ease is, in and of itself, neither captured nor capturing but symptom-bringing and disordering in the sense that our body is reacting to an invader in a self-distressing/destructive way.

Today Pasteur’s opponent’s ideas on biology and disease are lining those rejection receptacles intended for ‘alternative medicine’ and ‘holistic healing’ or the overreaching illegality of truly fresh drinking milk and even rainwater collection. People have been humiliated for these ‘crimes’ let alone given harsh imprisonment for curing cancers innovatively.

Big Pharma has everything to thank Pasteur for, if you gauge success by the amoral wealth and power aims of big business:

“As a physician I have seen how things have deteriorated in the medical community because of Big Tech. They crush dissenting voices and the very fundamentals of good science.”

Dr. Scott Jensen, expressing his personal experience on Twitter

Do we know the differential infective viability  of virii floating in the air as opposed to grounded on a surface? Did we explore the efficacy differences between environmental masks meant to protect the wearers and surgical masks intended to protect others? We do know that medical staff infected whilst treating COVID-19 account for over 10% of the patients now being treated. Their exposure to potentially infective materials is of a high order of magnitude compared to the daily lives of others and masks are duly worn.

Does everybody react equally badly to a microbe? No and some do not react badly at all. Why not? Likely their immune systems are in a state of strength, fitness and preparation due to a healthy environment outside and inside their body. (Although that may be depleted by stress and fear.)

The mouth plays a big part in all this. Food scientists in commercial situations surely have a lot to answer for. Synthetic fake cheese? What might Pasteur have to say about that? La vie santé, c’est le fromage analogue?

Chemotherapy, radiation, surgical removal of body parts and vaccines have all come from Pasteur’s welcomed promotion of Germ Theory, liberating Pharma forever from the necessity of stressing environmental health reforms – general good health is not their precinct unless popping pills becomes the chosen answer – and partly liberating politicians from the immediate pressures of health programs. Better roads! (bring bigger traffic which brings more smoke-borne particles and chest-antagonising aerosols.)

Just how can bad health be good economics with both eyes wide open?

When profit drives human well-being expect pill-spinning industrial engines 24/7 and persuaded partiality from your health officials.

Q/Has Pasteurism failed yet?

A/Has propaganda failed yet?

Q/Hasn’t germ awareness brought about better sanitation?

A/Invisible attack is an easy concept to persuade others with and may indeed have some good results.

In the West it is now common to wash one’s hands frequently and dry them. In the East there are still areas where “hygiene is a foreign word”, handwashing is comparatively infrequent and wet hands are no barrier to social interactions. Even though they may be cleaner than Westerners in some ways, spitting or urinating in public is normal wherever it is deemed necessary by circumstance. In fact,  in the Western countries there still lingers a suspicion that hygiene worry can become a neurosis.  Little effort is made to clear under-nail debris with a nailbrush, for example. And the government mandating of COVID mask wear has been accompanied by a laissez-faire protocol for the  manner and making of them.

Now we hear about new-fangled mRNA PCR tests. It seems a ‘case’ means no more than a laboratory confirmation of COVID-19 infection, irrespective of clinical signs and symptoms. A systematic proof of infection even if there be no actual infection present.

Louis Pasteur, the father of immunology, promoted the simplistic germ-disease theory that launched a thousand pharmaceutical products. Sadly the common cold (carried by corona virii and the rhinovirus) causes disproportionate economic loss by lackaday health each year yet no cure has ever been found for it nor way of preventing it and no vaccine purports to change all that despite much effort.

Vaunted modern medical advances appear to have been overtaken by retardations. Chronic conditions treated pharmaceutically abound both in physical health and, now, in psychotherapeutics too. And vaccines may be measured in billions also. What’s in them? Like untried sausages they are an act of faith. Beware the “calamitous prostitution of science and medicine to commercialism”(1923, Ethel Douglas Hume, ‘Bechamp or Pasteur? A Lost Chapter in the History of Biology’)

Finally, from ancient Indian and Chinese semi-spiritual pursuits comes the notion that illness is brought down upon us by our own mistaken past. This is still a strong belief.

“Use no medicine in an illness

Incurred through no fault of your own.

It will pass of itself.”

The I Ching or Chinese Book of Changes, Wilhelm/Baynes edition

The established ways of modern-days are being reset without your agreement. Narcissists have a below-the-belt emotional range only. Their rogue energies create chaos for everybody. Adults are being treated as if children. Children are being treated as if adult. The healthy are being treated as if infected. Treatments for the relatively sick are postponed as if they were relatively healthy yet if you are ‘asymptomatic’ you are a suspected disease carrier.

There is a SPELL writ across the arch to the Gates of Hell, YOU ARE UNWELL.

nigelraymondofford (c) 2021

“Commentary: To fully understand what is at stake with this new Nuremberg tribunal to judge the biggest tort case of all time, it is by pulling the thread of Dr. Drosten’s lie for falsifying the PCR testing protocol … that everything will come to pass…”

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“…the sponsors of the financial oligarchy, Klaus Schwab, the great architect of this gigantic hostage-taking, the politicians at the head of the EU, the armed arm of the execution of Drosten and WHO’s directives that led all Western governments yesterday to take the devastating decisions of containment, curfews, compulsory mask-wearing and social distancing, and today of lethal vaccines for the oldest among us.”

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‘Creativity is contagious’ Albert Einstein

Footnote: Schwab has foretold the food supply chains breaking down by mid-2021. (Already delays and extra costs are being incurred because of shipping&container shortages etc.)