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This is a list of modern anagrams compiled by me from a bunch of letters in a phrase that somebody had written about the Russia collusion conspiracy theory but which has now disappeared both from my memory and my notes.

While trying my best to restore the original words I had supposed that it could have been this odd anagram

(the official abbreviation for European Theater of Operations)

or the much less likely

– or the even less likely

and you may well find a much better one for yourself. (I’ve just noticed STEELE FORMULA NIB FLY U.S. SOON.)

Of course this game is only wordplay that happens to be based loosely on recent events and does not necessarily state facts as I imagine them to be or even my long-distance under-informed opinions for what they’re worth. As I said, these are mere game ploys trawled without specificity from a random set of letters that has since disappeared from sight. Actually each one of these funny/scary/witless anagram phrases suggests an origin yet lacks any proof of it, any substance or verity.

Sounds familiar?


Unzip your genes as you slip into a bath of 5G (G for Genocide)

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Deborah Tavares 5G Nightmare and Planned Genocide Report 
(Tavares section is 01:33 – 40:33)


“It cannot be overstated. Bolshevism created the greatest slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant and uncaring about this enormous crime is proof that the Global media is in the hands of the Perpetrators.”

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn


“The genocide in Yemen is going to start tomorrow Eight million are already on the brink of starvation. Eighteen out of twenty-six million Yemenis live in the mountainous heartlands which are under control of the Houthis and their allies. They are surrounded by Saudi and U.A.E. forces and their mercenaries. There is little agriculture. The only supply line from the outside world will soon be cut off. The people will starve.”   (page written for June 11th 2018).

A coalition force is aimed at taking/destroying the one major port, Hodeidah. For the last fifty years the poor Yemenis have suffered privations under their government whose aims included pleasing Saudi Arabia and showing loyalty to the United States. But this time the ambition of the outside rulers is truly to kill them by starvation, a slow and agonizing death. This is not a mere possibility or a shallow threat. Already there are Yemeni children who have become sorrowfully skeletonal in their bodily appearance. Yemen hadn’t seemed to want their old Prime Minister restored (reviled for repealing their winter fuel subsidy) which was the original Saudi justification for invasion. And neither had he wanted to return to Yemen, the poorest country in the Middle East, from his home in Saudi Arabia, the richest.

An attack from the South by a few thousand troops is under the command of Tariq Sale(h) a cousin of that former President Ali Abdullah Saleh (who recently lost his life). (, page written for June 13th 2018)

The Houthi ethnic group, who led the rebellion which culminated in the Prime Minister agreeing to stand down in their favour at a UN-suggested meeting in the Movenpick Hotel, have lived in Yemen for a couple of centuries now and are thought to be pro-Persian.




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The beehive construct has one fertile queen plus a few dispensable drones without workload and an army of neuter bees for security and division of labour. Their loyalty and hardwork are assured and their apparent unawareness produces ‘hivemind’, the whole acting as if a single organism with the hive itself held in a kind of transcendence over the needs of individual workers. Bees die when they sting, making their sacrifice complete. The ‘sentience’ of the colony may be a parallel to concepts of the collective consciousness or of a collective intelligence. Collectivism? Communitarianism? Corporate Communism? Agenda 21-2030?

What on Earth could persuade currently free people to live as worker bees do, totally inhumanly?

Barrie Trower On 5G Microwaves ; There is No safe Place, No Where To Go

5G AI & The NWO Smart Control Grid with Max Igan

Full 5G satanic agendas exposed – Joe Imbriani

SKYNET (Space Fence, 5G Network, Food Supply) Deborah Tavarres


Many decades have passed since War became viewed holistically. Now armed combatants form just a part of the overall range of weaponry (mind control, food control, water control, weather control, disease control, covert insurgency control, forced migrancy control, addiction aiding, privatized eugenicism, weakened personal states of mind, poor health physically and society’s moral degredation including by media stealth) and this now includes even legalized propaganda in the USA to be used against their own people!


Years ago a government tried to edge their Police into carrying guns. They sent individual letters to their home addresses, “Do you want a gun?” The overwhelming response was “No”. Since then their recruitment standards for police officers have changed. The psycho-tendencies the Force once watched-out for so as to eliminate over-the-top alpha-enforcers are now a reason for welcoming such candidates into their special ranks: militarization.


Exercising power without responsibility comes as second nature to an NPD narc. (Please see the posts for April and May 2018 for some definitions.)

Such a person (a self-aware psychopath-cum-sociopath with sadistic tendencies and little or no grip on the notion of personal boundaries) is pretty phazed by normal folk with their cloud of positive emotions, personal border recognitions and empathic responses. The resultant unpredictability of human beings has spelt death for some historic Narcissists including all-powerful ones. AI is the answer, 5G is the enforcer, equally a communications power supply and a handily harsh or else capital punishment, possibly at random, let alone a commercial channel and an infant’s egg fryer. Add this in with smart dust, the internet of things and facial recognition systems and you have a control freak’s paradise, a blame-transferror’s dream come true.


The pendulum of progress swings out but then swings back again. As we reach the limits of the Age of Reason we cannot now imagine what is to come next, so inured in mathematics and computing have we become that we foolishly believe in the religion of materialism where the mind is in the brain only, vision is always through the eyes alone and sound exists purely via the ears. Ask a near-death experiencer for their personal account. It is misguided or idiotic to speak of Artificial Intelligence that is greater than any of us because of its power to calculate swiftly.

Do they not understand that when Jackie Chan (among many other martial artists) performs impossible events then at that split-second moment he is not thinking at all! (They say the ‘chi’ is doing the doing.) Or that when a musician pulls off an unbelievably good improvisation then it is useless to ask him subsequently how he did it. He didn’t do it, something played through him arising from the depth of his being. He probably won’t even recall it clearly or at all except from a recording.

Do they not know that it is the physician who heals, not Big Pharma. When Jesus said “physician heal thyself” that was a factual challenge. Physician-healers are poor at treating themselves and will turn to another physician-healer for results. All medicines are poisons, after all, and the work of true healing is an art not a science.

A visual work of art in the order of a Leonardo or Pablo Picasso is considered really beyond reduction by the few exponents who might be worthy of doing that reducing. Only teachers and critics inferior in creativity will dissect such works for their followers, missing the point as to why they are so great which is largely ineffable so indefinable anyway.

Some groups or teams have been undoubtedly greater than the sum of their parts.

Stockbrokers employ analysts purely to introduce logical ideas to clients but will handle their own personal portfolio of shares strictly by flying by the seat of their pants.

The present Enlightened Ones, and the past masters who are still on this Earth, empty their mind of all thought – no pictures, no words, no music, no math, no computing – in order to advance to or revisit a state of incidental invincibility.

Minds that are not so deeply treated – most minds in fact – regurgitate to some degree of cleverness or stupidity ideas that are pre-existent having merely remarshalled them and so raising the question “Where did the very first ideas actually come from, if not from human minds?”

I guarantee you that no totally original idea will ever land on this planet unless God places it here. And that AI has absolutely no ability to write a brand new joke that no-one has ever heard before.

“What do you call a boomerang that doesn’t come back? A stick! What do you call AI with no ability to cobble disparate factors into an ironic eventuality? Stuck!”

Yet if they can upload human brains or parts of minds into AI … well, the future then will be as uncertain as it ever has been.






Narcissists from deviant families – where status & appearance always dominates and the sex-money-power triad constantly insinuates – control this world politically, meaning by doing whatever it takes to subdue the people and build-up personal political capital through the exchange of favors

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If you’re not actually in that game they would prefer you to serve out your purpose and die. Or just die. Sorry to break it to you but the Big Wars, like WWI and II and subsequently, have been both unwanted and unnecessary in realistic terms – unless you are one of those sado-psycopathic Narcissists who gets high on all that prepared destruction, practiced carnage and the spent-uranium shell spend.

Some symptoms of a dangerously Narcissistic Personality Disorder’d world leader:

Failure to listen (hearing but with minimum internal attention, sometimes failing to engage their long-term memory)

Failure to consider all alternatives (‘there is no other way’)

Arrogance (sometimes sliding towards impulsiveness)

Opposition to compassion

Predation, all stripes

Strong sense of entitlement

Strong cognitive abilities mingled with cognitive dissonances

Occasionally inaccurate memory recall, sometimes to the point of disbelief

Zero acceptance of personal accountability

The urge to deceive and betray their political supporters and/or those politically supported by them

Compartmentalization and isolation of influential others

Insistence on putting issues about people or polities into fully-separate labelled boxes

Haughtiness, grandeur, self-aggrandizement

Lofty, and in some cases mythical, ‘façade management’

Hypocritical emphasizing of their high level of commitment which is non-existent

Pathological untruthfulness

Consistency of personality over a very long time (not quite the norm as most people are open to modifying future responses in accord with what they have previously experienced)

A disintegration of personality in old age (possibly morphological due to constantly imposing on the frontal and temporal lobes a created map of the NPD’s severely differentiated world in contradistinction to an ongoing and wider or ‘more normal’ download)

Willingness to die rather than face up to failure (and to take others with them)

A felt power decline on entering unfamiliar surroundings

Satisfying their ego-monster in the most maladaptive manner musterable

Apparent populism (mirroring the crowd in public yet not in private)

Executive handling of conflict in an ‘approach & evade’ cycle as they exist in a compromise-driven environment yet are fundamentally anti-compromise

The driven need for a unique position, overt or covert (team leader – ship’s captain – field commander – greatest betrayer – hero of a mutiny – blazer of the most treacherous of trails) whilst striving for the odor of normalcy (the sainted centre of attention in a most acceptable family image)

Inclined to mull ‘jumping ship’ out of boredom alone/strangely attracted to hidden subterfuge

Reinforcing their own sense of stability by destabilizing some around them

The mastering of control tactics and psycho-manipulative techniques including – for starters – guilt-making, conjuring deprivations, implying or expressing the inferiority of others

Charmingly dramatic and attractive in the eyes of their followers/possessing a necessarily delusional worldview and essential inability to accept that they are wrong or that others may be more in the right



Narcissists can always climb, by lying and cheating, to the top of every social ladder that they want to climb. Regardless of natural intelligence, they are all well-enough equipped to become the top bosses, the top politicians especially, that rule the World. They all greatly prefer the New Order of Artificial Intelligence over the chaos of empathic human beings.

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We have all met the Overt Narcissist – theatrical, exciting, vivacious, entertaining, strangely sexy beyond their attributes, surrounded by an admiring group of followers, so sharp-seeming that many believe the Narc could change the world a fact which their followers don’t even question – in fact they will fund their favoured Narc’s social ventures. Self-referential, self-reverential, self-focused, seemingly justifiably selfish, flash-tempered, aggressive, punishing, sometimes triangulating in private, sometimes mocking in public.

What about a Covert Narcissist? Same person as an Overt Narc but lacking in confidence. Unlikely to want to be the centre of attention yet capable of it. Otherwise the same flash-tempered, aggressive, punishing, triangulating, mocking monster behind the scenes.

The ON will try always to win for the sake of winning and will not be happy to allow you anything above a draw. The CN will yield sometimes like any ordinary person in some unimportant little row. The female CN is often seen by others as a sweet little wifey. Try telling them that she lies about everything and never will be a truthful partner to you so that it is impossible to achieve any balance in your life. Or that sexually she’s absolutely anybody’s (because she thinks absolutely everybody is here for her)  bringing disgrace upon you and leading to little trust in you for keeping her among those who can spot the truth, usually because she signalled them inappropriately sometime.

It may take years, decades even, to recognize covert Narcissistic Personality Disorder. In that time you may have suspected their disloyalties and noticed some puzzling  ‘gas-lightings’ by them but had no real hard evidence. Eventually the circumstantial evidence piles up.

They have spent the best part of a lifetime mimicking human behaviours, ticks and responses. Emotionally they seem human on the outside. But because they are not clouded inside by love or sentiment or truth-telling or any sense of fair play they have plenty of time and brain-space to sum people up in depth – including on first meeting, a little like martial artists who are judging speed of reflexes and shoulder muscle size etc. when they first meet a body. (“Yes, I could take him down easily like this or like that”.)

The first aim of the Narc is to hook you up, then chop out your friends, possibly by going to bed with them, then tell lies to your family if the Narc can get them onto their side. Propaganda. This is War. Given enough time they will isolate you and then destroy you.

The Covert Narcissist believes they are the tops but is aware that the world does not always agree with them. The Overt Narc skates over unpleasant thoughts like that.

They love-bomb you at first. It will feel too good to be true. Then they will dig in. They test you with some offensiveness that anybody should walk out on them for but then stand back and observe your response. Forgive them or give them the benefit of the doubt and you will find it very difficult to ever shake them off. After that you are being farmed seriously for your negative emotional responses, for the steam, for the smoke.

You may be innocently wondering how deeply they love you at exactly the same time as they rage inside over some talent or success of yours that they want to destroy in a narcissistic envy frenzy. Show your weak spots and vulnerabilities and they will drain you out like a mortician.

Covert Narcissists are too dangerous! You will not see them coming! Like a magician they will have you hazy about what you saw and should be able to remember clearly, likewise believing things happened that didn’t happen at all.

Despite that you feel that they must love you, everyday with them becomes a lost day, a day of emotional disappointments.

There is no cure for Narcissistic Personality Disorder (a state that can blur with psycopathy and sadism) mainly because the disordered do not recognize any suffering or disadvantage on their part. Just the opposite.

‘Gaslight’ was the name of a movie, I think, in which a man sets out to destroy the confidence of his partner in all that she sees and hears. When she remarks that the lights flickered on-and-off he tells her that it simply did not happen, perhaps she’s imagining it, and so on until she thinks she’s losing her grip over sensory perceptions. His ultimate goal is her death.

Triangulation is a deadly evil technique involving telling somebody in friendly or helpful confidence a cunning lie that they are unlikely to ever challenge out in the open. You say that’s what somebody else has said about them. It’s a favourite of NPD Narcs.

Narcissists can always climb, by lying and cheating, to the top of every social ladder that they want to climb. Regardless of natural intelligence, they are all well-enough equipped to become the top bosses, the top politicians especially, that rule the World. They all greatly prefer the New Order of Artificial Intelligence over the chaos of empathic human beings.

Look behind and beyond all the child traffickers, sex traffickers and body-parts traffickers, failed beings lacking any notion of how it feels to be human who have positioned themselves with the gangsters, blackmailers, drug-runners, extortionists, intimidators and protection racketeers on a massive scale. They covertly run this world.

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These are especially dangerous because they each inhabit a self-blown bubble of superiority for which they would kill millions of us humans just to preserve (that being their fantastic self-appraisal which does not exist in reality but then neither do they anymore if the truth be told). Do not pity them for the sake of the human being they were born as. They buried that person long ago. Even some family pets show greater empathy.

Fortunately this specie are like programmed robots in human disguise and their actions are very easy to predict once their role in the global supply game is identified. (Whereas we look chaotic and illogically emotional to them and this incomprehensibility worries them deeply which is why they can’t rest until they gain total control over us.)”

Rewritten from a post published August 24, 2016

Psycopathetic Narcissist how do I loathe thee, let me count the ways?

Like a  method actor you can play any part to perfection even drawing sentimental tears, love or laughter as your toll. Yet you cannot feel the positive emotions of soul-based beings, only mimic them from withdrawn and deep observations of the real humans around you.  (If one finds oneself being summed-up by a ‘dead-eye’ staring stranger then we may well be being surveilled, interpreted, assessed, profiled by a true master, a grand author from that factional NPD world that exists between truth and fiction.)

Like the wilderness of Dartmoor you are enchanted and deadly and those who become habituated there will eventually be trapped or deceived as swirling mists obscure the paths and some damp pit of hopelessness replaces solid ground, unexpectedly.

Like a twisted victim you wanted to abandon the human being you were born as, through  sheer shame or misplaced guilt, and even though evil may have been done to you through little or no fault of your own, you then replaced your natural self as if it was intolerable to live with. Yet you now perpetrate evil crimes and deceptions on unsuspecting others, even the whole wide world, with a hunger for hurting those who never did the abusing of you in the first place.

Like a poker player you love to seem the victim if it helps you to deceive or else to bluff how good your paltry hand is in order to achieve poll position, especially when competing for superior sibling status no matter what great age you may now have achieved.

Like a Greek god you live in a heaven of special and simplified design. A bubble that reflects the superior being you feel yourself to be in this your space, a world of necessarily limited perceptions for you and all admitted followers. Either they will conform to your egocentric worldview, the blindly devoted “narc harem” as it is called, or they are punished, isolated, destroyed – perhaps all three – for challenging this. Or even for merely existing outside of any odor of reverence for you.

Like a King or a Queen you will settle your succession or inheritance and never for what is best for the realm. (Instead the NPD narc will use a Will to create family division – before and after their death – and seek to have pushed out from their toadying realm any who would speak the truth about them. Knowing the truth about a narc is indeed dangerous and unrewarding. Telling them only what they want to hear, for personal gain, is often lavishly rewarded especially should this coincidentally wound a true supporter who has tried to help them with honest and positive criticism.)

Like a Conan Doyle villain they will reach beyond death to punish both those they hate and those they pretend to love but who disobey them. In one Sherlock Holmes tale a rich widower who knew he was dying slyly slipped poisoned medication to his devoted daughter’s unsuitable suitor, in order that this very honest and outspoken boy – who was want to openly criticize the patently overstrict father – would administer it to him inadvertently. As planned the rich man died immediately, the poison was traced by the police labs and this innocent young man was incarcerated under the shadow of the hangman’s noose. The daughter was diabolically devastated by having to face the loss of the two men she loved most in the world.

Here the real world did not align with the NPD’s bubble world. He died sooner rather than later to disallow someone more honest than he, who would not speak of him as a perfect being, from taking centre stage.

Like a psycopath a narc like you does not necessarily revel in murder, Hitchcock-style, but if you did kill then you would not care unnecessarily about the victim.

Like a national institution you will crumble if your corrupt side is revealed for all to see. Therefore it must never be revealed or admitted even by you to you. The bubble of your creation, that has replaced the world you once shared with us all, must never be burst. In short, your IDENTITY has been truncated and replaced with a supreme being who is constantly dogged by proof from without and within that this is not so and so you fear that you may  become excoriated to extinction. A false ID has taken over your mind and body and it is now fighting for its existence, 24/7/365.

Like Artificial Intelligence you are untrammeled in your decision-making which you can do instantly and effortlessly without moral compass. (Yet NPD’s prefer some time alone to test out all the parameters before making their move. In fact they feel unfulfilled without planning in great detail the downfall of another as it brings them such pleasure to imagine the pain this will bring. Often these plans are acted out over great lengths of time and involve willing stooges, “the flying monkeys”, who have been triangulated against the victim. This happens in many families with the fall-guy (“scapegoat/blacksheep”) often being the one with the most talent who is silently hated because they can do something or feel something that the NPDs can’t, like heal with compassion.)

Your true emotions are fully negative, often restricted to envy fear anger and hatred. But your expressed emotions are a charming mimicry as the positive ones you do not feel at all and you deeply envy those humans who can, planning punishments for the best of them for inadvertently threatening your feeling of superiority.

Like a paranoid man or woman you sense that any criticism may be intended to cancel you out but for you the reason is that you are essentially perfect and so above all questioning. In close relationships you may explode in an angered and hate-filled manner at any question that might be imagined to imply you are in error no matter how innocent the intent. Intentions of others are of no interest to you, only strict obedience to the unwritten law of your bubble land.

Like a wolf you do not know you are evil and see yourself quite differently as one who simply needs a supply of sustenance and will go in a straight line from A to B to satisfy your needs and progress your successfulness in your world.

I knew a Soviet trooper who went on sled patrols in Siberia. Packs of wolves would chase them with the deadly leading wolf closing the gap. This would be shot down, and all the subsequent leaders also, leaving a trail of dead wolves and machine gun cartridges.

Our beautiful and devoted, love-bombing lap-dogs are descended from that vicious heartless wolf. All dogs are. Somehow they seem to have learned that good food and safe shelter comes to them best by showing loving, semi-attentive ways to human beings.

Like a cute domestic cat you will join in quite enthusiastically with household contentment rituals. Once out of the door you have the morals of an alley cat and may well not come back should you stumble across more comforting digs elsewhere and you definitely will leave the moment that the chosen hand stops feeding your ego. Most people feel flattered by confirmation of their good points but you are boosted most by achieving evil treacherous and unacceptable social effects, that’s when your ego glows.

Like a sadist you are pleasured and fulfilled to see those who are closest to you tormented, falling, failing.

Like a wayward waif you do whatever brings you acceptance and wards off the likelihood of future abandonment, your very great fear. You will rush to move in with your lover and push for early marriage even though you may not have asked them anything about their life before meeting you (you enjoy only talking about whatever features you) but as soon as you have tested them as a good and reliable supplier of “narcissistic supply” you will trash them and their good name in every way possible, usually behind their back – you covert coward, you solipsistic slopbucket.

Like a fish out of water you grasp at chances to survive. Neither water nor air will suffice for you to breathe adequately.

Like a pyromaniac you need the smoke and flame of immoral mattress fires that you have kindled and fanned. You progress from one to another sometimes firing a fistful of them in one week. The user quality of the mattress is immaterial to you as you can make anything/anyone burn.

Like Don Juan you look for sexual interest as soon as you leave the house. The personal details of these deluded persons are insignificant to you as they all have the same value in your eyes. You will make eyes slyly to kick things off or may even pursue them all the way into their homes. Sex will be fairly instant and you will strive to outdo any bedroom competition. You will find out their ‘hot-button’ or ‘kink’ and instantly become that kinky or wildly loving partner that they have dreamed about. You are ready for anything. In time you will isolate them, including by fulfilling all their needs. You are unfaithful in extremis and have plenty of others like this waiting for you. You work on them by love-bombing and then you confuse them with lies, false memories and all sorts of “gas-lighting” designed to shake their confidence in their own judgement. All the while great emotions rage and this is the ‘smoke’ from immoral fires that your false ego gasps to breathe for its crooked survival.

Like a prisoner you feel sure you were extremely unlucky to be caught this time and will definitely get away with it in some future attempt. You strangely believe that you cannot be caught at your crimes regardless of circumstances and can lie or charm your way out of anything. Because your memory is full of improvised untruths and staged scenarios you are unable to recall true events accurately and often speak nonsense unintentionally, so gas-lighting yourself along the way, if such a thing be possible.

Like a presidential politician
you feel self-justified merely by being the controller – overtly or covertly – of your own small world which might possibly become the entire globe one day, so you secretly enjoy fantasizing.

Like a Global Elitist you insist to yourself and others that your forthcoming self-indulgent corrupt and decadent tyranny, at a terrible price that is to be paid by the defenceless population, is bordering on the holy; sanctified by the god of the global bubble who cannot err.

Like a trapper you work on the ‘scapegoat’ in your family, oft-times the second or youngest child, and dig elephant traps (“you will not win, it is not your place, you’d look foolish to try”) in that child’s mind that prevents them from achieving more than an initial success at anything, for as they proceed further they believe that they encounter dangerous great holes in the ground that impede all progress. The envious family NPD’s have done this to them, in accord with unvoiced group intentions, and other forms of Mind Kontrol too.

Like a perjurer you give false evidence about the scapegoat, triangulating to create hidden enemies who are ready covertly or overtly to bring the brightest competitor down and so help you secure the “Golden Child” position by falsehoods and deception.

Like a judge you spend hours pouring over whom should be punished and how: likewise who would be destined to advance as a result of your decisions and is that acceptable to you.

Like a logician you are not to be made chaotic by clouds of emotion. Unlike a logician your mind is held in that condition permanently. You have plenty of time to study others, analysing their behaviours exactly like summing the enemy. Your mind has vacant spaces where good emotions would have lived and an unnaturally extensive boredom creates the need to invent gratifying problems of enormous range.

Like the Devil you work to confuse good order and make people admire and lust after you and each other, whispering in folk’s ears to turn a group against some envied or feared individual, making people more addicted to self-destructive behaviours and turning true ways into a world of lies. (Note that God, who is Truth, cannot enter that faux bubble to save us).

Like a captive living in Hell you are lost and envy everybody living outside, forever entreating them to go down to your ungodly level by being the great impostor that you really are.

To those 5 or 6% of the total population who cannot experience emotion or, more significantly, empathy and compassion, and so merely manipulate others by deception — the narcissistic psychopaths who seek out opportunities to exploit and damage the under-protected be they adult or child — I say begone you self-referential demons and deceive humanity no more.

(A bit high-falutin’, the verbal vernacular equivalent would resemble ‘Foreign Office/F.O.’!)

P.s. Beware of the saintly centre of attention. I’ve found it true that when a person constantly promotes one aspect of their apparent nature to you, and to everybody, then they are actually the opposite.

(Last section first published August 2016)


If you hold together in truth and loyalty, blamelessly, with deep inner content far more important than shallow appearance and you see true goodness has come to you jointly or separately as you make progress in life then you are Narcissism free

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Narcissistic Personality Disorder is part of an unholy trinity: NPD, psycopathy-sociopathy and non-recognition of personal borders.

In turn this restructured mindset slips between reflections on past repetitive abandonments, child abuse or other trauma-based flashbacks and the creation of cruel/sadistic schemes, present and future, aimed at chosen victims.

As the NPD or ‘narc’ sees absolutely no reason to seek help – it is all the others who seem disordered, not themselves – our Healthcare professionals do not have the data nor the experience to understand it.

There is a pioneering new breed of psychotherapists, not necessarily qualified, who loathe narcs and wish to give long-term succour to their shattered victims because once they were one themselves. Trust them.

It is difficult to realize the unjust damage deliberately done to individuals, partners, select family members and societies as a whole by narcs exercising the power and influence that they crave to punish or destroy all who fail to recognize their plainly obvious outright superiority.

Of course, there are sliding scales of NPD ranging from our perverted political leaders to everyday people with a streak of Narcissism in an otherwise mild and pleasant character.

It is a mistake to be snared by the classical meaning of  Narcissism, one wishing admiration and attention. The NPD narc is not impassive. They openly or covertly manipulate everybody and will plan ahead comprehensively, or cleverly on the fly, to punish or destroy those who challenge their limited worldview, limited because this worldview revolves around only them.

Who is not in an NPD-distorted relationship? If you hold together with your partner in truth and loyalty, blamelessly, with deep inner content far more important than shallow appearances and you see that true goodness has come to you jointly or separately as you are making your progress in life then you are Narcissism Personality Disorder free!