The power of broadcasting and the more subtle applications of the Hegelian dialectic seem under diabolical control and are constantly breaking new ground

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The other day a UK radio chat-host who I shall call ‘Dean’ introduced the subject of paedophilia by throwing open for grabs the idea that people once thought that the subject was a little bit naughty and quoted DJ ‘Sicky’ Saville, who was popular in his lifetime, as an example. No, Dean, the public did not snigger self-consciously at what he was up to behind the scenes (plural illicit sexual acts with singularly life-altering consequences plus soulless death cult practices) because they did not know about it. The broadcasters, editors and governors of this green and pleasant land did not tell them of that or even hint. He was protected, as is a most widely-recognisable public face today, until after his demise. In fact, Dean, the most common response by far to any hint of paedophilia is for people to shut up and pretend it isn’t happening. An explosive truth translated into a Big Silence has served to keep many families, groups, regnances and governances from rapid disintegration. Are you retrospectively restructuring your listeners minds by making it sound less offensive than it is, so confusing them, Dean? It is a totally unacceptable crime (anthropologists long-ago reported that incest – most commonly an act of paedophilia – and murder were the only two crimes punished severely by every tribe in the whole world) that causes some people to lose complete sovereignty over their self and absolutely no practitioner nor any non-practitioner has ever smiled behind their hands about it as if it were a naughty bit of fun, dear Dean, ever. This serious subject deserves both deeper and less hyped discussion than it gets. The clichéd scenario is that a malignant adult physically has spoiled a totally innocent child. But what is innocence? It is lack of experience and, sexually, it is also an obliviousness to ‘grown-up’ thoughts of passive-aggressive possession-taking and subsequent abandon. Over a century ago Sigmund Freud emptied meeting halls when he broached the subject of child sexuality. Freud decided that we are born with sexual feelings, for which there is evidence, but then we go ‘neutral’ between the ages of 7 and 11 approximately during which time we may concentrate entirely on non-sexy subjects (such as engines or architecture) yet this is not the true story for some boys and girls.

A police inspector once opined that the job of pursuing paedophiles was complicated by the fact that some incidents are initiated by a child for disturbed emotional reasons or else ‘extorted’ by the child for material reward.

In my opinion this world of ours is unique because things grow gradually out of immaturity before finally maturing and decaying and we will not find that happening elsewhere else in the Universe where things simply form fast then immediately commence their disintegration. For that reason I suspect that all new-born or early young life on Earth is delightful to God, despite or perhaps because of it’s naiveté, and is in fact the main reason that any of us are here at all.

I suspect that God loves the innocent, i.e. those without ‘side’ or sly awareness or any developed political skills and somewhat lacking the urge to self-defence. The young human child certainly may have developing sexual feelings – different strengths from person to person, of course – but knows not what they are, what they entail or where they will lead to in the future. As Freud said of incipient puberty, the child is holding a loaded gun but does not know what target to point it at. I think this slightly vulgar thinking is still a likely answer for most deep-rooted sexual deviations among adults – the aim was innocently pointed in the wrong direction during self-started arousal and repetitively dug for itself a channel within the mistaken young mind.

Let us not think only in terms of an adult prematurely arousing a child for the first time. Not a few children are both innocent and sexual. Evidence suggests that some children are horrified by sexual advances, even imagining it to be attempted murder, and others come close to enjoying the experience. EITHER WAY THE DAMAGE IS DONE.

The real crime of the paedophile is not as simple as ‘bursting a child’s bubble’ by forcing sex upon it. Naturally, all forced sex is a potential crime in any civilized society but the deepest damage is LONG-TERM. Do not believe conveniently that they will then forget the experience. Rather, and especially in the case of incest, they may develop a denial of the sordid nature of their despoiler and transfer that hatred to some other person or group. Good news for the culprit, bad news for that child’s future partner(s) or even for every member of the opposite sex excepting the one who would most deserve it. It can go even deeper than that. Although not a universal truth, many or most child sex victims (they are all victims even when they initiate with an adult) will either be sex-fearful or turn wantonly sexual in later life. In either eventuality this will make a functioning marriage and stable family life near-impossible to sustain other than superficially.

That is the true damage done – to the child’s adult self and to their future family functionality. Childhood trauma is a despicable event to provoke and it is never the end of the matter.  A lifetime of flashbacks, false associations and even dissociative personality changes may follow. (There are persistent rumours and some public testimonies to support the allegation that trauma techniques have been inflicted by curious state actors upon little children to create split personalities, an anti-social one of which may be trained to emerge in adulthood at a prearranged signal.)

There are forces at work today that may well welcome the end of the family for purely political reasons (the cohesive family in parts of Asia still stands instead of a court of law and in place of a lending bank and is the building brick of society, so limiting the reach of social controls by central governments) and these forces see the dysfunctional family as a valuable first step to greater power over the individual. And their secret servers see paedophile entrapment as a powerful tool. Paedophilia – the most socially disrespected of all crimes – therefore enhances political control and in particular tortures the typical politician’s terror of public exposure as a pervert. Enough! Put them out of their misery – hang them, humanely, out to dry!

Martin Buber, a mystic of sorts oddly taken up by verbal interconnections, coined the term “faithful humanism” or the inborn ability to communicate with others, even strangers, which he deemed a kind of human duty.

He wrote “The human being who but now was unique and devoid of qualities, not at hand but only present, not experienceable, only touchable, has again become a He or She, an aggregate of qualities, a quantum with a shape”.

He meant perhaps that ‘You’ will move wonderfully in and out from ‘potentiality’ to ‘actuality’ in relationship with ‘I’ and vice versa. The possibility of unselfish and loving entanglement is there in many meetings and may even surface unexpectedly during the most basic lust or greed-driven sexual encounter, it seems.

Be that as it may, the potential-actual transitions in a child’s relationships with  humanity in general needs good shepherding by loving parents until they are ripe enough in all respects for sexual partnering (which may be signalled by physical maturity or by attaining an age-group that is legalistically or otherwise imposed by society – the two do not always coincide which then creates moral and emotional-psychological problems for those concerned).

Entrusting this parental shepherding to ‘professional carers’ may or may not be a monumental mistake and needs parental monitoring which it seldom gets.

To those 5 or 6% who cannot experience emotion or, more signicantly, empathy and compassion and so merely manipulate others by deception — the narcissistic psychopaths who seek out opportunities to exploit and damage the under-protected be they adult or child — I say begone you self-referential demons and deceive humanity no more. (A bit high-falutin’,  the verbal vernacular equivalent would resemble ‘Foreign Office!’)

P.s. Beware of the saintly centre of attention. I’ve found it true that when a person constantly promotes one aspect of  their apparent nature to you, and to everybody, then they are actually the opposite.

Venus is sextile Jupiter today and so here are two Horribly Illegal Lying Larceny-filled And Rigidifying Yarns to unsettle some folks further

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Just as harassed President Nixon allowed an aide to control the door to his office making this gatekeeper the most powerful person in the Whitehouse so the same was done to a President by his Secretary of State using hi-tech internet controls.

Setting-up private servers as the mystery mailbox of the State Department in advance of the normal re-routings to the President’s office/the Pentagon/the Persons of Power, this high-level official separately controlled, interfered with and intervened in the affairs of the political world generally/the President partially/the Pentagon.

A fairy tale if ever I heard one? Here’s another –

A bully boy boarded a passing government jet to pass a black letter to the head of the judiciary nailing some of her prosecutors (by providing proofs of low living) while confirming that she would have her job for as long as she likes it and for so long as his family holds the power in Washington. Unbelievable?

Try this – the tarmac-colored exchange was guarded by the FBI and the head of the FBI got wind of the whole plan which would ensure that particular prosecutors could never speak their minds so leaving the Hill gloriously ‘not guilty’.

The FBI chief could not bear to hear a ‘not guilty’ verdict announced from on high and called a press conference the first part of which clearly demonstrated her guilt beyond all doubt. The second part, having gainsay’d the prosecutors, ensured she would not go to trial. Game set and match to the FIB.

What price these two fairy tales from the demi-conscious source of all inventiveness?

No charge.

U.N. Official ‘Accidentally’ Crushes Own Throat Right Before Testifying Against Hillary

EXPOSED: How The Clintons Likely STOLE BILLIONS From World’s Poorest – Charles Ortel

What Did Bill Clinton Lie About? Christopher Hitchens on the Values of the Worst Family

UPDATE: Like the galloping cowboys in my childhood comicbooks who led their pursuers to the edge of an impossible chasm only to leap across it leaving them to falter, Bernard Sanders has leaped to the Clinton side without appropriate concessions for the benefit of his large following. This leaves them faltering on the edge, perhaps to fall leaderless into the gully below and perhaps to seek some way out of their confusion. The Hill may be experiencing uncanny good fortune ordained from on high. Or else we all are. I will not write further on this subject as I’m not a political person and understand it only from the viewpoint of a pop psychotherapist partially analyzing a ‘patient’ without all the clinical tests that should be made.

A neurotic neo-nation sees itself supernaturally sealed to slaughter its wicked wet-nurse the world. Global Politics pose as biblical End Time

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A neurotic neo-nation sees itself supernaturally sealed to slaughter its wicked wet-nurse the world. Global Politics pose as biblical End Time

Virtually exclusive usury freedoms and strong intra-group trustworthiness, anti-assimilation attitudes and host-survival strategies down the centuries have borne fruit:

According to Sir Joseph Stamp,
“…if you want to continue as the slaves of bankers (involuntarily pledged for life by securitization of your birth certificate) and pay the cost of your own slavery (Stamp says “the most astounding sleight-of-hand”, Amazing Randi please note!) let them continue to create money and control credit.” Sir Joseph Stamp, Director, Bank of England (which was lately nationalized without any amendment to its pre-existing register of voters)

All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars by Michael Rivero

The War On Cash

And what news of Peace?

Assad says ‘Erdogan’s army of terrorists’ fighting in Syria, RT 31 Mar, 2016

Probable Cause with Sibel Edmonds- “The War on Terror Sham: Mindboggling Comparison!

English local municipal councils had to be reined-in from conveniently interpreting minor citizen misdemeanours as “terror” as in the ‘terror evasion of local government tax’ or a ‘terror deception over domestic information’ which led inappropriately to secret spies being employed and hidden camera installations in the field.

There are similar vices that may be extracted from the vagueness surrounding the word “climate” which represents no more than an impression drawn from periodic changes in weather, an approximate expression of notable frequency rates stated as a seasonal norm for weather. But not necessarily so.

While we are being distracted by these imprecise terms as if they were life-threatening in themselves the honeybees of the world

are dying-out ‘Agent Orange-style’ yet they provide the mechanism for fertilization of a high percentage of all the foods eaten by us. Some technocratic conspirators should be stung hard for this as well as choked off from cutting-down oxygenating rainforests and left cloth-tongued over the sales in huge quantities of major freshwater resources to bottlers.

The Hegelian-dialect balanced counter-argument, in a spirit of love, goes like this:

7th April 2016 US arms shipment to Syrian rebels detailed

“U.S. Delivers 3,000 Tons Of Weapons And Ammo To Al-Qaeda & Co in Syria.
The United States via its Central Intelligence Service is still delivering thousands of tons of additional weapons to al-Qaeda and others in Syria.”

“The violation of the ceasefire that crossed all the red lines has resulted in a decision being made for the beginning of a wide scale operation and this will truly be a large battle” A Syrian government official in Aleppo 8th April (Twitter:M GREEN @Mma Green)

How difficult is it to trace the troubles in Syria? Well, best check-out the latter part of my Article


then grasp – if you hadn’t already – that this is a proxy war. The proto-antagonist in the ME seems to be the US who were exposed by Seymour Hersh as having trained ‘future rebels’ in encryption techniques and given them advanced communication equipment years before the Syrian troubles got started big-time.

(See the Article On Mankind’s blindness, “They also serve who only stand and wait” to join in with the sponsored hounding of the Syrian kill)

Next take this or some other ‘snapshot survey’ and examine it. (Nothing more substantive than a ‘snapshot’ is available as all changes constantly.) We cannot gainsay the minds of Washington of whom it is now becoming commonly said that their behaviour appears madly psycho. Assuming this to be untrue then there could only be outside powers pulling strings and an even greater influence giving remote directions to its regional/federal puppeteers. Yet all efforts now seem like improvisational attempts at creating nothing out of something — you know it makes nonsense.

The point I wish to illustrate here is how impossibly tangled this mess has become and probably will continue to be. I do not pretend to understand it fully and so have borrowed the following information from a deeply informed source. The fact that it does not, logic suggests, quite hold together merely reinforces how befuddled many top-level observers have become (other than when the MSM expound ideological viewpoints/transparent deceptions to further their master’s ends or stroke the odd ego).

Recently the following points of

conflict communication

lined themselves up into this typically tangled web – at least on the ground, so to speak. Other and loftier lines must exist, of course, that we are not privy to including certain intergovernmental channels and the more esoteric levels of field operation.

Each of the following names represents a complex heap of human identities. Their labours were somehow reactive to (though not necessarily reciprocal with) the counterpart column of names given for the day:

“al-Qaeda” ->

ISIS (I.S.I.S./I.S./I.S.I.L/Daesh)
Syrian Arab Army
the Shia militias
Iranian Revolutionary Guard
(Syrian Democratic Forces)

Hezbollah ->

the Syrian Opposition
Syrian Arab Army

Iranian Revolutionary Guard->

 Syrian Arab Army
the Syrian Opposition

“ISIS” -> 

the Syrian Opposition
(the Shia militias)
(Syrian Opposition/al-Qaeda viz USAF)
the US Anti-ISIS Coalition
Syrian Arab Army
(Israeli Airforce viz Syrian Arab Army)


Israeli airforce ->

the Syrian Opposition
the Syrian Arab Army
(Iranian Revolutionary Guard)

N.D.F. ->

the Syrian Opposition


the Syrian Opposition

Shia militias ->

Syrian Democratic Forces
 the Syrian Opposition

Syrian Arab Army ->
all of the above?

Syrian Democratic Forces ->


The Syrian Opposition ->

Syrian Arab Army
Iranian Revolutionary Guard
the Shia militias

Turkey ->

Syrian Arab Army
(al-Qaeda/the Syrian Opposition
viz the Iranian Revolutionary Guard)



US Anti-ISIS Coalition ->


YPG ->

the Syrian Opposition

It may seem that the Syrian national armed forces need eyes and mouths in the backs of their heads. Turkey seems to pop-up more often than it should. The I.S. and al-Qaeda seem forever in lockstep in real terms. The CIA spookily forms a fighting force we cannot plot or feel sure about, as if it were independent of the US ArmyAirforce. A laundry list of Special Forces teams direct or go disrupt proceedings that sometimes they seem to have no apparent right to do. King Abdullah of Jordan has remarked that Christians, Jews and Moslems are involved as well as assorted desperadoes. I hope I’ve got that translation right but have it wrong when he claims this to be a proof of World War III. Saudi Arabia are standing by.

Of course, the main losers are THE CHILDREN as with every war. Who is it that actively wants the blood of innocent’s on their hands and head? One man’s lone ‘angel’?

“an angel still rides in the whirlwind and directs this storm” 
Dubya’s Inaugural Address

or a host of ‘investors’?

300 MEN RULE THE WORLD – MI6 secret agent exposes truth (Dr John Coleman p2)

or a global take-over group?

“When we have achieved victory, as we assuredly shall, the nations will have the opportunity of establishing a new world order” Britisher Arthur Greenwood, New York Times October 6 1944, in an article entitled “NEW WORLD ORDER PLEDGED TO JEWS”

Eustace Mullins – The New World Order

The leading culture’s religions have lowered their worships from celestial fires down to holy rivers and now would worship the green earth under our feet. It seems likely to me that the next step for religious following will lead below to the infernal underworld. Going down?

By the way, a Bill promoting Magic as a rare and valuable art form and national treasure requiring support to preserve, understand and promulgate it was introduced to Congress in March 14th this year.

(a) How can the Law differentiate between conjuring things for fun, conjuring demons to emerge just like Jesus did it and creepy magic rituals to obtain sex money and power? And why should anybody need to understand how sleight-of-hand is done anyway?

(b) Promulgation by gov. suggests by public decree.

Finally, what is Digital Architecture and who is the Digital Architect? Fear nothing. The spiritual boxer will ever beat the worldly fighter.

Papa must a personal relationship with God be grown within the World’s #1 realty co., sole failsafe messaging org., versatile moneychanger & accustomed surveilling system?

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Papa must a personal relationship with God be grown within the World’s #1 realty co., sole failsafe messaging org., versatile moneychanger & accustomed surveilling system?

Embrace Pope Francis As World Leader? The idea’s being floated, it seems:


POTUS POTUN vs disobedient USA civilians?

The USA, prime lever/obstructor of world progress, has vast oceans either side of it with Canada to the North (reassuringly described as “family” by President Bush) and financially-embraced Mexico to the South. The USA landmass is imperilled only by air and sea weapons of mass destruction. Troops should never land there (“a gun behind every blade of grass” warned Admiral Yamomoto) excepting by invitation.

The Patriot Defence of Liberty Enabler Act (cf Germany’s Enabler Act) a Presidential Executive Order signed last week – so they say – could transfer federal terra-firma over to UN/ Agenda 21 control and makes UN enforcers on American soil agreeable should the people strongly disobey the authorities. Say what?


NATO is Imperial?

FOUND: Evidence That NATO Funds ISIS

Watch Out World!

Looking for a way around this wicked world? Fear nothing. What is born of heaven rises: what is born of Earth falls, so


US ally Turks shelling Syrian-Kurdish YPG recently supported by US in their conflict with the Islamic State but now fighting CIA supported FSA

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as reported by

and expanded expertly by the website

An interesting title that, Moon of Alabama, susceptible to the odd awkward anagram –

A Mama Foal Boon, Anal Foam A Boom, Oaf Loan A’Mambo

Those were created by the program at but here are two that are less general:

Obama Fool Man

Man Fool Obama

And here’s a flippant footnote about the compelling current headline ‘Race To Raqqa’:

The descriptive word ‘raca’ appears in most English editions of Matthew 5:22 without a definitive explanation. Youngs Literal Translation Bible offers us ‘empty head’ or we could just say ‘fool’. Jesus tells us that a great punishment awaits any person who would call another ‘raca’ presumably because compared to the gigantic intelligence and wisdom of God we are every one of us a ‘raca’ in extremis, I would guess, especially the rich and powerful.

Don’t believe me? Opening the Gates of Hell seems to be a popular yet wildly expensive power pursuit:

Then there’s that costly little matter of opening portals by anti-matter manipulations at CERN and perhaps LIGO too.

You cannot believe in another dimension? Well, why should you unless you’ve already been there? And yet quantum computers are workable interfaces said routinely to send out questions and get plausible answers back from … where? Somewhere? Nowhere? Who lives there?

Lunar New Year is here! What hope does this hold for the whole round world? Bio-Scares? New Science? The West Setting? A Cruel Clown Crowned?

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Here are some random inspirations:

Terrifying Prophecy

Lord of the World

Hersh Gets It Again

A Close Runner-Up for Mabus?

Top Expert Tells That The Zika Virus Is Bio-warfare (but others say it is old news rehashed as psycho-warfare)

Researcher Has Said Aids Created To Deliberately Depopulate Humanity

CERN is now troubling a rash of Researchers, e.g.
2016 CERN Playing With Electromagnetism

Wolf Howls The End Is Up For America

Passed Master Aviator Marshall on the September 11th Attacks

That Ol’Devil Kissinger has started interfacing West-East again,
China and Russia in particular, and seems a big buddy of Putin

Vladimir Putin and Henry Kissinger Meet To Discuss the New World Order


The Depopulation Agenda For a New World Order Agenda 21

There are plenty of wildly inaccurate (even hysterical) uploads about the prophetic viewer Nostradamus that are presently available on the Internet. I cannot truthfully recommend any of them – even or especially for newcomers to the subject.

For a multi-dimensional view of the course that we now may all be on please peruse my plenitude of posts at – Our World! – Nostredame’s World! – My World!

Many thanks indeed to all who have written to me over the last four years. I resolve, this year, to find time for puzzling replies.

Winter Solstice can bring feelings of disturbance to sensitive souls tho’ the increase in daylight-time should lighten this by Xmas & New Year

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Uranus changes its direction on the astral charts and this will combine with a Full Moon on December 25th.

Fear nothing, want for little or nothing and welcome candid conversation.

Especially contest the anti-cultures, anti-human, sovereignty changes that the transnational elite is preparing illegally to declare across the world, to be presented as caring for all,

“ … a global betrayal by the governing class” (hereditary UK peer Lord Monckton, Knight of Malta)