My other website www.nostradamundus.wordpress.com is newly constructed for 2012 and beyond.  The first Nostradamus quatrains uploaded include details of the death of Osama Bin Laden and the fall of the House of Gaddafi in 2011,  settling old accounts and setting up the new world empire’s stage. There are also fresh translations-interpretations-commentaries on the Preface to Cesar and the Epistle to the King to explore should you wish. Much more information and many new translations and fresh interpretations are following in rapid-fire order whilst Nostradamondo.wordpress.com  will function as a discussion board. The world is entering a vital phase, possibly a fatal phase. Anybody who can help dispel the mists of Public Relations, the clouds of mistruths, is very welcome.

About Nostradamundus.wordpress.com:

We seek only Truth be it psychic or skeptical, secular or spiritual. From cryptic poetic quatrains to the freed-up prose of Michel de Nostredame, a.k.a. Nostradamus, all arrows point to an End Time religio-political-economic play-off, eventually sucking each one of us under. (I take as read the apocalyptic forces of Nature he foresees as all the great Prophets have warned of these same disasters while critically shaking a moral stick at us.) Nostredame bows to the one uncrowned, the one who can say which way is up – if he or she manages to get a broad enough hearing. Perhaps it is you? About the quatrains, I sometimes offer alternative translations to those supporting my personal thrust because I do not feel that I am necessarily the very last word on Nostradamus. That person may be around soon, I feel, but has yet to surface visibly. My thinking on the longer texts may seem a bit like a man trying to herd cats but that is because the originals are each exactly like that, with phrases pounced out of their proper places. I have not shrunk from taking up a position at variance to the bulk of the critical literature simply because all the vital truth contained within Nostradamus is not yet out.

Welcome to Nostradamundus, the World Viewed Via Nostradamus, and Nostradamondo, the future through a glass darkly. Perhaps you are the one who eventually will see it all clearly, or see the world more clearly through it, as Michel de Nostredame foresaw nearly five hundred years ago.

                                                                                     Nigel Raymond Offord