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US ally Turks shelling Syrian-Kurdish YPG recently supported by US in their conflict with the Islamic State but now fighting CIA supported FSA

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Lunar New Year is here! What hope does this hold for the whole round world? Bio-Scares? New Science? The West Setting? A Cruel Clown Crowned?

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Winter Solstice can bring feelings of disturbance to sensitive souls tho’ the increase in daylight-time should lighten this by Xmas & New Year

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Daddy, govt leaders who give away their countries are they tried for treason? Some hang together, others get high on OP’s money or go swinging

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The Iraq government protects Iraqi sovereignty and must not tolerate any side that infringes it, whatever the justifications and necessities

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I hear you’re dropping bombs on people who are threatening to bomb you so as to stop all that evil bombing. I just wonder how well it’s going?

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It is a tragedy of the human condition that we must endure so much pain before arriving at the compromise that we always knew must be made NM

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