One epoch ends and another begins? The Notre Dame Cathedral Fire and the Nostradamus Centuries Quatrain I 51

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris is standing proud despite being minus its high roof and the two-hundred years old beautiful 300 ft. steeple that had been visible upon that roof. The wood of the roof beams had been dry for many more centuries, approaching a thousand years. The destroyed heights of the cathedral were covered-over with lead protection. Lead will melt at low temperatures. Below the roofs are curved ceilings which must now bear the stress of any building movement.

Writing as a one-time fire surveyor I can confirm that fire-spread is a frighteningly fast occurrence. Even more so the smoke from materials. (I attended a wool fire whereby black smoke obscured my vision completely and burned hot inside my lungs and sometimes, decades later, when I cough I can taste that soot.) Even a spark entering an air-conditioning system can fire a whole building. (Southern TV studios, burned down by a spark from a vagrant’s campfire around 1970.) Those who say thick walls do not burn should see, as I have, the devastation of a multi-storey goods store which lost a 1-metre thick concrete wall due to extreme heat from box-upon-box of packing materials. (Revenge arson so they said.)

Luckily most contents had been removed from Notre Dame a few days before as the whole underwent renovation/restoration. In fact that activity may well be the cause of the disaster. Fire starts easily and spreads easily. A discarded lit cigarette or an overheating or arcing electrical part is all it may need.

Electricity is a known quantity – up to a point. The technical chief of a London electricity board region had his house power turned off when he inserted indicators into his ground level sockets. They all lit up. He said there was no easy explanation other than external electricity going where it will by natural potential differentials. Lightning is the same. Static electricity can also spark haphazardly.

People over much of the world were in shock, so iconic is this centre of Catholicism and monument to beauty, spirit and craftsmanship. Outside of Rome and the Vatican this is Catholic Chritianity’s spiritual, artistic and propery-portfolio showpiece and so the people sought a scapegoat. Moslem immigrants/anti-Christian globalist left-wing fanatics/troublemakers of all stripes/political types wanting to take the heat of publicity away from themselves.

The arty academic trick of post- modernism (‘‘post- modernism is modernism plus everything that went before it’’) seems to have fallen into the new low of a basically non-sympathetic generation crying that now is day zero and to hell with all your yesterdays. A new breed of anti-culture vulture wants to resurrect the cathedral as non-Christian and reflective of ultra-liberal social diversity. This is not going down well. It might as well be property developers eyeing the preserved walls of Notre Dame. Not presently acceptable.

Criticism of the firefighters revolves around what seemed to be a water-hose tactic, one to avoid much of the roof area (possibly impossible to reach anyway) and simply wetting the outside stonework, the walls.

(The Paris fire brigade is under the Army, by the way, and so wears Napoleon Bonaparte’s favoured bee motif – nothing to do with the displaced bees on the roof nor any hive-mentality syndrome in Paris.)

A vague and distant video has been circulated showing a figure walking casually about on an exterior walkway. Something he holds gives off a flash. It has been opined that this is a hand-held directed energy weapon but it is even more likely to be a cigarette lighter or a torch. As we see from the sky at night, nothing travels quite like light does.

Another shows a man on a tower balcony in what could be a white turban and bicoloured robe. This vid is truncated just as the figure steps behind a pillar. In fact in the following moments some firefighters appear from behind that pillar wearing white helmets. The video quality on that second section is very low, presumably the justification for not showing us initially all the other white headgear.

One social commentator conflated the videos stating that the flash came from a man in a white headdress and style of clothing she could not bring herself to identify in public. It is sinister that PC is based on single words that must not be uttered. Is this to make it easy for AI to identify, robo-arrest and mechanically prosecute us on a day coming soon?

Surely the cathedral is dotted over with high definition security cameras? Or are they going to tell us the old story that they were all turned off or broken at the time and it’s none of our business anyway – as a matter of National Security. How come our whole damn lives are recorded (yes) but major security breaches never are? I once had a smart but manipulative friend who sprang eccentric street-theatre scenarios on unsuspecting passers-by. I wonder if he runs the World now?

What does Nostradamus have to say? Some folk are pointing to a particular quatrain. Let’s see it analyzed in detail:

I 51

Chef d’Aries, Iupiter & Saturne,

Dieu eternel quelles mutations!

Puis apres long siecle son malin temps retourne,

Gaule & Italie, quelles emotions.

Line 1, OF ‘chef’ had a plenitude of meanings such as the head (including viz decapitations) or the upper part of something or else the chief of a party of dialogue or a war chief or, as OF ‘chef place’, it indicated the main city. OF masculine substantive ‘chef d’oeuvre’ meant a perfect work and, when diminished to chef, represented ‘‘a cross of gold … with a crucifix or better, crowned with a coronet on chief’’. (One such was entered in the estate of John, Duke of Bedford, Regent of France, d.1435.)

This was in Norman French usage, quite appropriate to Paris I suppose but somewhat alien to Michel deNostredame who spoke the tongues of the South.

OF ‘chef tranchant’ meant the cutting edge (cf. chef trenchaunt, King’s Bench records iii, one who sharpens well an axe).

Aries, the constellation named for a ram’s head, suggests the month of April. If we are looking for a planet that rules over Aries then that is Mars but this was in the constellation of Gemini on April 15th 2019. Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto each enter their retrograde phase during April 2019. (Following Astrology, Saturn would be debilitated or rendered ineffectual by being located in Aries, by the way.)

Chef d’Aries could just be an oblique way of saying its ruler Mars or else the Sun which is exalted and at its most effective in Aries – which fits warmly to the first day of Beltane.

Line 2. It has been pointed out that besieged French President Macron’s first name is Emmanuel – God with us.

Line 3, OF ‘par’ made various use of by and through. Semantically, the preposition ‘by’ holds the idea of ​​course, a crossing or passing route. Also it may mark a discontinuous distribution. Conversely, a return in time at a regular interval. 

OF ‘long’ needs a note,

… confusingly, the OF word ‘longue’ could be used either as ‘long’ (beyond the average) or as a substitute for the OF ‘demi-long’, meaning not of the requisite length or falling short of the ideal.

(from the notes to the EPISTLE TO THE KING at the website

A century or a half a century?

OF ‘siècle’ actually meant a large stretch of indeterminate time. It represented secular transience but its usage for a hundred years period, a century, was preferred.

OF ‘malin’ is malice, wickedness, liking evil, the bad side of cleverness, tricky, malign, sinister.

OF ‘temps/tens’ is time, an interval of limited duration in a chronological succession or its unlimited flow. Or a circumstantial atmosphere (sometimes the weather).

Line 4, OF ‘emotions’ is emotions, passions or atmosphere. Within minutes of this voracious roof fire becoming established there was serious and beautiful singing in the streets around the Cathedral of Notre Dame including by what sounded to me like a genuine choir.

The impact of the blaze was physical, religious, psychological, even paranormal, and it hit France right in the heart. (I nearly wrote ‘right in her heart‘.)

My Translation:

Mars/the Sun in Aries OR Paris in Aries OR golden cross in Aries, Jupiter and Saturn,

Eternal God, what dramatic changes!

Then by so long an interval the bad times return again,


Because of an interval having run its course then the bad times will return again,
What feelings in France and Italy.

Leo Zagami, one of the quickest to upload their thoughts onto the Internet, opined that this event really raised awareness in Italy of the great numbers of Islamic immigrants into France.

Beltane culminates at May Day.

Notre Dame still has its twinned high towers. For some these are symbolic but, curiously, the usual round of Freemasonry (and New World Order)accusations is largely missing from the Internet at present.

Back to Astrology. The chart for April 15th 2019 shows Venus (not yet in Aries) square to Jupiter (not in Aries either) with the Moon in Virgo square to Mars in Gemini.

Whatever our suspicions (which possibly get nudging confirmations from this Nostradamus Quatrain) the Line 1 of  I 51 is NOT an astrological time-marker for April 15th 2019.

N.B. Michel deNostredame wrote that he would confound his dates in the Quatrains in order to avoid distressing kings and their advisors as their very mindsets would forbid them from understanding what is just around the corner for them.

                               NigelRaymondOfford © 2019

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