Behind all the gut-wrenching wickedness in the world we find the psycopathy of Narcissistic Personality Disorder and its truly atrocious love of abusiveness, its distorted worldview, a lust for destruction of its own supporters and its astonishingly deep cunning. Know your enemy. More on that in my next few posts.

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The swings around Heaven, scorching of the Earth and U-turns of the new Chariot of Fire in DC all make truthful critiquing as hard as can be 

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The exhorted cries of “Lock Her Up!” have gone with the wind but we may yet hear a clamourous “Lock Him Up!” instead

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A neurotic neo-nation sees itself supernaturally sealed to slaughter its wicked wet-nurse the world. Global Politics pose as biblical End Time

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US ally Turks shelling Syrian-Kurdish YPG recently supported by US in their conflict with the Islamic State but now fighting CIA supported FSA

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Iranian Revolutionary Guards in Syria AND Iraq? Something has changed strategically it seems in the Great Game of the Middle East

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For better/worse or whatever, Mars makes a T-square w. Uranus + Pluto on Dec 25th. Wishing u a v. Christmassy Holiday + Abundant New Year 2014

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Don’t be a tool. Remember manipulative Saudis and Isrealis want war between the West and Iran and Syria is the keep of the Iranian citadel.

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The Insurrection Is Dead: Long Live The Insurrection! The End Of An Era: Lies Are The New Truth

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“We Are Now In A State Of War”

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