Narcissists from deviant families – where status & appearance always dominates and the sex-money-power triad constantly insinuates – control this world politically, meaning by doing whatever it takes to subdue the people and build-up personal political capital through the exchange of favors

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Narcissists can always climb, by lying and cheating, to the top of every social ladder that they want to climb. Regardless of natural intelligence, they are all well-enough equipped to become the top bosses, the top politicians especially, that rule the World. They all greatly prefer the New Order of Artificial Intelligence over the chaos of empathic human beings.

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Look behind and beyond all the child traffickers, sex traffickers and body-parts traffickers, failed beings lacking any notion of how it feels to be human who have positioned themselves with the gangsters, blackmailers, drug-runners, extortionists, intimidators and protection racketeers on a massive scale. They covertly run this world.

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If you hold together in truth and loyalty, blamelessly, with deep inner content far more important than shallow appearance and you see true goodness has come to you jointly or separately as you make progress in life then you are Narcissism free

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Behind all the gut-wrenching wickedness in the world we find the psycopathy of Narcissistic Personality Disorder and its truly atrocious love of abusiveness, its distorted worldview, a lust for destruction of its own supporters and its astonishingly deep cunning. Know your enemy. More on that in my next few posts.

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