December 2017 Mars and Jupiter appear with Mercury appearing from the Solstice, Venus and Saturn combust. Nostradamus says an openly evil time

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THE AMERICAN ECLIPSE The whole globe is heading toward One World status. How is it to be? A return to serfs&masters or fresh enlightened truth?

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For better/worse or whatever, Mars makes a T-square w. Uranus + Pluto on Dec 25th. Wishing u a v. Christmassy Holiday + Abundant New Year 2014

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Here comes history! This quarter will be pivotal demanding irrevocable commitment, inside and out, to the highest game-changer in your world

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Is this none of our business? Washington has been busy making its power pertinent everywhere and now that may include inside the USA itself

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This curfew-curlew has a shotgun, tasers and grenades trained on your hide!

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My comments in response to the staggering “Forty weird things about America” tweet @Revelation1217on Twitter:

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