IMO a conspiracy occurs whenever a small group is secretively plotting in a way extramural or deleterious to the greater community. Dare to tell me that this is another nutjob conspiracy theory!

The largely unsung lyric of history is this: we’ve been deceitfully and delusionally duped and defrauded all along and yet we dismissively denied and disdainfully disallowed any evidence of THEM not being on our side when it was provided to US by a ‘conspiracy analyst and solution provider’ as we had each considered it in our greater self-interest to swallow whatever authorized/authoritarian ‘experts’ regurgitated to us (having first swallowed it themselves for reasons of incidental self-interest) as the new orthodoxy.

To conspire is to summon-up behind turned backs our prowess at making one thing affect another – for reasons of self-interested deception: a conspiracy is what happens when a small group set apart has plotted that.

When any person joins a government body they have left their great Nation to become part of the relatively small Machinery of State. Seldom realizing that to be so, whenever Gov fills us with fear and takes action to save us that is disproportionate to the true risks we mistakenly ASSUME that there is a good reason for it and that they, being us, are equally exposed. It must be because of something they know that we do not. Wrong! GOVT KNOWS LITTLE that is not informed to THEM by one of US or via an alien and tricksy source who could be lying.

They who sit at the head of any organ are isolated and kept largely ignorant whilst feeling vulnerable to being labelled as charlatans, all of them. That’s why they feel overwhelmed by the urge to maximize their controls over others under their aegis/in their domain.

Please do not sell-out those straightening intuitions of yours only to buy into somebody else’s contorted logicality. Yes I know that starts at school with abandonment of autonomy and conformism rewarded by design but now it is time to grow up and look inside your Self for all the TRUTH that waits to be discovered there.

The “powers that should not be” who first coined “Social Distancing” and evoked “Contact Tracing” may have abandoned their ambition so as to facilitate the current “attempted coup” in the USA. Should this fizzle out the centrists may have other tricks up their satanic sleeves such as Unidentified Flying Ops or rest-disturbing All-Night Graphics In The Sky.
  In the words of Nostradamus, “Then the unearthly abominations will exist, the most shameful show of objects and exhibits from dusk to dawn, ceasing around the end of the change of that rule (of the second Thrasybulus*) and the keys of the Church will be inferior to the love of God. (Exhibitionism and visible objectifications or merely so many satellites up there that it upsets sky-watchers?)

*This reference to the Athenian advocator of democracy and elected general Thrasybulus evokes his ambitions to restore democracy by deposing tyranny and to grow his own country’s imperialism thereafter.


(See also Nostradamus Quatrain I 56 THE GESTALT STATE DRAWS ON and Article ADDENDUM to I 56 THE GESTALT STATE DRAWS ON)

and the keys of the Church will be inferior to the love of God.

Well, well. Religion loses out and the Great God, now beloved by Humanity, wins!

By the way,

Did UK Gov’t List Covid-19 As A ‘Notifiable Disease’ In 2015?

(I’m not clear on this but I have noticed on other GOVUK webpages that they do update information without changing the original publishing date. The bigger point about needing extra formalities in the event of a death from a Notifiable Disease, if true, would have started this March except that the rulebook seems to have been tossed topsy-turvy anyway.  Should we complain? Out of interest, the etymological root of both Corona and Coroner is the same and reflects the antique status of the Coroner as an agent of the Crown primarily for securing the Monarch’s will more than serving the public good. Could this be the dubious origin of 2020’s  behavioural public health dictats?)

Be seeing you.

                             NigelRaymondOfford (C) 2020



~ by nigelraymondofford on June 2, 2020.

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