Like a butterfly, there’s a beautiful version of you waiting urgently to emerge. Right now would be perfect but you’re being delayed awhile by externalities. What level of freedom will the butterfly want to emerge into?

Capture by a virus or similar tyranny is creepy and sick-making. As it happens a natural ‘levelling-up of immunity in the herd’ will cause any virus, or similar tyranny, to fade-out sooner or later.

Now, humans favour most the circling herd mentality for their survival, physically moving out from and then back to a safe point so that exposure to the dangerous outer edge is minimized and the chances of being taken by a predator are not worth worrying about. (Yet somebody will be taken, poor them.) That is how we face life with confidence. Flying is known to be dangerous, so is boarding a train or even stepping off a kerb, but most don’t do it all of the time and we often don’t actually know anybody who has suffered badly and for that reason we feel relatively relaxed about it. These things only happen to somebody else out there in the human herd! Hospital x-rays have about a one in two hundred chance of eventually damaging you somehow, which is much less than the odds of being hit by lightning and a little more than the odds of your death occurring whilst in a car.

Vaccination is different. It’s a form of therapy that demands a normal immune response to start with. (Fearful factors may lessen our immune response, by the way.) It causes the herd to increase immunity, so ‘killing-off’ that virus. We could call it ‘herd immunity by artifice’ – different but not better as it takes LONGER to complete than natural herd immunity would.

The simplest immune effector would be to infect everybody at once and watch what happens. Doctors could not cope (simply distinguishing between the Common Cold viruses, changing ‘flu viruses, pneumonias and SARS/Covid19 is problem enough, hence the apprehension of reinfection by the same bug) and for a million reasons nobody in their right mind would want this.

We should visit briefly the outer edge of the herd, not deliberately linger there. Being infected may or may not deliver immunity, for example the common cold. After many decades of trying there is still neither vaccine nor cure for this corona virus group.

The touted ‘flu jab is not particularly wonderful and users should check it for mercury. After a seasonal ‘flu jab my sister collapsed onto the pavement outside her doctor’s surgery and broke her face leading to reconstruction surgery then cancer, terrible pains in her facial nerve for the rest of her life and subsequent years of internal cooking due to over-radiation earlier applied necessitating 10-hours of failed bone surgery in her old age and eventually needing extreme dental work that left a hole in her face that she had to cover-up with a scarf as her uselessly expensive German laboratory teeth poked through.

There are moral, martial, medieval and medical laws about piercing, cutting or empoisoning somebody’s physical form, the sacrosanct temple of the human spirit.

A qualified surgeon has dispensation from the law to cut you. Likewise piercing with a needle may require medical oversight, although this caution is perhaps eroded by the encroachments of common tattooing.

Immunology is a complicated subject. Success of a vaccine is commonly indicated by the presence of an antibody and is generally specific to a single organism.

So we concoct an injectable that has recipe to it (patent-worthy by design?) and then cook it up, the idea being that the infection effects have been eliminated or scaled down somehow and balanced-out by other inputs that can cause your body to survive the in-sult better whilst defending against the antigen. This is a sophisticated business and no vaccine is guaranteed 100% safe.

Normally, all medicine-makers are under a strict liability to supply only safe medicines and yet most all medicine will have a small ‘poison’ component making their task difficult and failure very expensive. All, that is, except vaccines. The law in most places, certainly the USA, offers legal immunity or carte blanche to manufacturers and their chains of distribution for all medicines classed as vaccines. This has been at the demand of vaccine manufacturers themselves as all vaccines can have negative consequences including life-long ones. (Yet they still seem to price some vaccines as if they were putting aside insurance funds sufficient to cover huge Court Awards.)

Who knew? (1) Google surreptitiously harvests medical information to sell to its pharmaceutical ‘partners’ (2) Glaxo, a vaccine company inter alia, has been vested with over three quarters of a billion dollars USD by the Google group. (All according to Robert Kennedy Jr in conversation with Michel Malkin).

Vaccine inventors/investors will succeed in patenting their concoction if it represents a new idea. But this right to patent their work has been extended to private scientists in US Govt research labs so potentially miscreating an atmosphere of hidden results and secretive endeavours. (It is becoming forgotten that ideas and inventions are considered the collective property of community.)

Vaccine design factors that are well-known to science but often play no part in general discussion, include the category

‘Vaccine-induced viral interference’

which suggests an ‘inhibition’ of one by another via ‘mediators’ (complex antivirals, immunomodulators and antiproliferative actors) known collectively as ‘interferons’. Among these scientists have discovered a few with “unique physiochemical characteristics”. (Many IFNs in clinical use are produced by genetic engineering technology.)

Or a reversion of long-term ‘live attenuated vaccines’ to the wild-type virus may occur with ensuing viral replication: this can produce an opposite effect in the patient to that intended when giving the injection. (Happily ‘live attenuated influenza vaccine’ has been genetically engineered so as to not replicate in the lungs.)

The immune response usually involves the production of protein molecules called antibodies or immunoglobulins and specific cells that mediate immunity, typically in response to a live antigen.

Active immunity may be sufficient for a lifetime.

Passive immunity may come from blood, pooled human antibody, and substances 13-syllables long derived from selected plasma donations.

Intravenous immune globulin and plasma products contain a high level of antibody: reconstituted or washed red blood cells not so much.

There are other factors that influence the immune response to vaccination including if aluminium-containing material is added to the vaccine to enhance its ‘immunogenicity’. (This practice seems surprising to me as that alloy can cause internal body reactions such as heat on the brain with severe ‘head pains’.)

An adduct is a chemical compound that is formed by the addition of separate substances. DNA adducts may be combined out of the DNA of divers species.

An adjuvant is a pharmacological or immunological agent added to a drug intended to increase antigenic response.

How do you feel about Glyphosate (the infamous weed killer)? Who on Earth considers that inclusion the act of a prudent person? Sheer emotion, intuition and common-sensical foresight scream No! Commercial medical logic says Yes.

Likewise adding a preservative may sound like a useful chain-of-distribution decision. By commercial medical logic, formaldehyde (normally used for preserving corpses) mercury (a drop could kill a battalion) and the metal nickel are being used in ‘safe measure’ yet no one in the general public would dream of applying these substances in any measure at all as this feels such a repulsive thing to do, especially to children. If they were used in any foodstuff (by a rogue manufacturer or an imbecile) that would be a prison term at the very least.

The good intention of vaccines was always to introduce immunity and immunologic memory in similar manner to a natural infection but without risk of disease.

Not all vaccines are allowed by every country on the globe. The UN’s externally funded WHO spent 10 years developing a sterilization component under wraps that was secretively added to Bill Gates tetanus vaccines that is even now affecting millions in African societies, we are told, not forgetting future lost generations of talent and supporters for the elderly.

Vietnam has a population approaching 100 million people yet the government is sponsoring earlier child-rearing in response to a sudden uptick in the population over 65 and a surprising new shortage of births. In Eastern societies it is tradition that the young must care for their elders. No nursing homes.

(About extensive 1970’s school closures in the UK: forecasts of diminishing demand, based partly on increasing availability and use of contraception, turned into a severe shortfall of places when the opposite actually happened. Yes, a notable correlation has existed between higher contraceptive usage and higher birth rates! So much for the  primacy of logical thought-processing.)

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