‘The Graveyard Gates’, A Hillbilly Blues, Sing It!

Meet me by the Graveyard Gates, I’m ready so don’t make me wait … seeing out those Graveyard Gates, I’m looking thru’ ya

Meeting at the Graveyard Gates, we’re ready so don’t make us wait … watch out the Graveyard Gates, we marching to ya

See the spirits over Graveyard Gates, They’re ready, they won’t make you wait … Goodbye … to all that … smirkin’ evil …

See the spirits over Graveyard Gates, They’re ready, they don’t need no wait … Goodbye to all that … rankin’ evil  …


He smirks,

She sneers,


Coming out of their ears,

Goodbye the Graveyard Gates we’re seeing through ya!


He hypoderms and

She syringes,

Seems like they’re

Coming off their hinges

‘Bye the Graveyard Gates we see right through ya!

This spontaneous song virtually wrote itself. Spin the lyrics round yo’ head and the good ol’ tune will come to y’all. (Plenty of Blues to choose. Or try the rockabilly hymn ’’Rock Around with Billie Gee’’.) The ridiculous wealth of these high-placed people probably puts them beyond genuine sympathy, poor them, while their lofty concern for little old us seems transparently disingenuous. Whilst I wish neither to wield worldly powers nor serve up empty threats a pop song lyric is, ironically, the people’s poetry that may inject its ’mystery ingredient’ into the collective corpus.


“All you have to do is tell them they are being invisibly attacked and denounce all the cool heads and downplayers for exposing them to danger. It works well globally.” Hermann Göring, paraphrased for 2020.

                                Rockin’ Blues is the anti-fear tonic.

                                NigelRaymondOfford/NileFord (C) 2020

~ by nigelraymondofford on May 18, 2020.

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