I have been advised to say nothing about anything for the next 30 days while the world unfolds as if planned but as I had already started writing some pieces, and this is one, here goes:

Progress and regress can come from truths or lies. Yet a warring pursuit deliberately marginalizes truth-tellers as it leans heavily upon successful lying – either as a weapon to worry the ones without or as an insult to demolish the ones within.

In-sult is a medical term for an inward assault. As you know, a medical allergy is a curious mishandling of sourced information in that a body reacts to the (sometimes non-existent) problem that has been misrecognized or exaggerated. The assault is internal. Not only does this suggest that there is some inherent matrix shared by all homo sapiens – the reason why we all taste lemons the same way despite that we have no lemon-taste gene location, or feel fiery flames identically (unless we are lacking a neuro-factor) – but also that our range of reactions to the set stimulii are equally authentic be they from any source, natural or otherwise: they are built-in to us.

It’s not just that something feels hot if we expect it to. Peanut allergy is both intellectually unreal – how can that be, it is not poison? – and truly fatal.

The ‘nacebo’ or ‘negative placebo’ is similarly functional and it has long been known that African witchdoctors can kill, say, a tribal figure or render ineffectual a grown man whose whole family is dependent upon him simply by declaring that it is done. It takes a couple of days. A primitive tribe of the Caucasus called the Yezidis, or devil-worshippers, had rituals that bound them inexorably. Their boys played a game of drawing a circle in the dust and trapping an unfortunate victim within it. The sage Gurdjieff witnessed that these were fully paralyzed.

Europe’s black witches go further. They willfully operate upon a body at a distance and without the knowledge of the victim. If you’re thinking that can’t be as there is no scientific basis for witchcraft, well there’s no necessary and sufficient scientific basis for vaccination either. Neither are there large trials of vaccinated versus unvaccinated sample groups to evidence any proof. Nor are there likely to be.

Circumstantial evidence alone is not a proof of anything until it reaches overwhelming proportions. For example by 2018 no less than 75% of all polio cases in the world were linked to vaccines linked to Bill Gates.

(Fact-check that hard-as-iron micro-manager – who founded his fortune by outsourcing DOS the Dirty Operating System – at Robert Kennedy Jr.’s webpage for April 9, 2020)

However, polio vaccines were once useful (I had one long ago and remember feeling ill immediately after) although the virus is not the real destroyer apparently but the out-of-control immune system’s response, hence the phrase ‘immune therapy’.

Unfortunately waves of human-contrived ‘mutations’ have reached the bodies of the American and British publics over decades including Xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related viruses (XMRVs) that can even make a real killer out of SARS CoV 2 (= COVID-19) having once encountered one another like matched clutch plates. Or should the CoV meet with radiation 5G @ 60gHz (possibly popping iron out of the haemoglobin) or upon the body experiencing ‘glycosophate’ a widely-marketed systemic herbicide. (Probably phosphate transporters could reach all the cells in your body, we are told).

So now we’re back to truths and lies.

Sometimes we KNOW the truth from our own experience but at others we are bamboozled by affected Knowledge. Many so-called ‘experts’ are equally expert at BS.

It seems the National Institute of Health – perhaps eyebrow-raising in some of their funding arrangements – is the key player in deciding which vaccine is approved for coronavirus and the NIH would profit greatly, some say, if a Gates-backed company gets their go ahead. (The plan could be as much as 50 percent of the profits paid-over to the NIH, the Fed-funded institute that feeds Fauci. Billions did I hear?) But Fauci also has friends at Gilead. It’s said that a Gates’ company has now raced to the human trials stage. I guess he really, really wants to be ‘the richest man in the world’ again, if not the only man in the world.

THE MOST POPULAR HUMAN OPTION (apart from taking the money) is to follow the herd even should we feel it to be in error, i.e. we lie to our cowardly selves rather than take up a permanently exposed position.

Narcissists sadists and psycopaths have been manouevred (clumsily) into positions of power and influence all over the globe. They virtually rule (but they are not the inner circle of old bulls being only their retained outer ring of actor-managers, cash cows and fatted calves) and these ‘crats would rather die than admit to any mistake or shameful wrong-doing, which is why they never admit to anything at all – it would pierce their self-centric bubble. And they won’t give a fig should you die. In fact they’d rather enjoy it.

Let them fall – but don’t let them take YOU down with them.

OK, I’m not really involved in this fight personally. Daily turmoil is not my mileage. Nobody can save this world from itself, I sadly suspect, and silent meditation in one’s cell can lead to an imaginational force as striking as any material force. Try it. But if I were embedded among worldly armies right now seeking salvation, and with time on my side, I might be tempted to cry:


~ by nigelraymondofford on April 28, 2020.

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