Who’s afraid of economic genocide/genocidal economics as the extreme left and the extreme right hold hands behind the sofa and make a fist at us?

Long-run, well, I’m not so bothered. Most changes never play out the way they were planned. Meanwhile the WHO’s alarming new boss (not the same as the old boss) redoubtable Tedros Adhanom is as surprising a choice as putting that Saudi Arabian gentleman in charge of the UN’s human rights club a few years ago. Who chooses so strangely and why? Corona conquest supremo Dr.Fauci, the ex-overseer of AIDS, has hailed him – as did Clinton once hail Dr.Fauci.

Incidentally, ‘Fauci’ in modern Italian means ‘Jaws’. A distinguished doctor with a slightly sharky bedside manner?

Did you know that the placebo effect phenomenon not only brings benefits to the unsuspecting, it may produce the extraordinary ‘nocebo’ or ‘nacebo’ effect that brings health deterioration to subjects/patients who were told that it would. This is the ‘meaning response’, an ability of people to generate bodily effects in themselves that they believe to be true, i.e. they have been conditioned to expect. We are suggestible.

Well, every doctor must avoid doing any damage to the person who needs their immediate attention. Yet Neoliberalism says they should address their selves firstly to protecting eventual profit share-outs. Neoliberalism rules, OK!

Bullying rhetoric? It worships head not heart. It is ape-ish and chimp-like, valuing massive aggregations of a resource and reducing complex nation-states down to banana republics. It is not godly, not at all, in any sense of the word, i.e. it is basically inhuman. At root it means laissez-faire yet it is not modern liberalism in that it dogmatically demands that government should do nothing for the individual. It inserts private profiteering into the processing of those in desperate straits.

Today Neoliberalism is the premise upon which much human life on the planet depends, a belief that the legitimate principle for human organization is competition for profit and finds its ultimate expression in the board game Monopoly. (The banker always wins.)

Minimizing effective regulation is, of course, the order of the day.

In 2017 the Federal ban on lab creation, mutation and enabling of lethal viruses was lifted in the USA.

Work on altering viruses to make them more anti-human would once again seek freaky funding although a ‘scientific panel’ had to be convened first to consider the pros and cons of a lethal spread – benefits (!!) vs risks. The only possible benefits could be either knowledge based, e,g. how a particular animal virus might transfer to a human host (and if it does not then inventing one seems the chosen way) or protective, i.e. a vaccine. If a monstrous virus escapes the laboratory (they’re too small for anybody ever to see them exit) or is mailed accidentally (yes, it has happened) then a pandemic could even be massively devastating. Or not.

Either way, what exactly was the justification for making a virus transferably lethal for the first time? Entrained and enhanced ebola. Its airborne possibilities were first observed in monkeys by the USAMRIID apparently but this observation has since been debunked. Along with the US Army the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is credited with the greater developing of ebola, an escapee disease which has caused plural deaths and civil unrest in West Africa. And just why do laboratories around the world want to effect ‘gain of function’ in already dreadful diseases? Who first urged us to embrace that mal-ambition?

(Mal thus equals Malthus? A soulless Narcissist frightened of Real Human Beings? Flood the Zone! Open the Graveyard Gates!)

~ by nigelraymondofford on March 31, 2020.

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