Biological Warfare: Nazi To The Core?

COVID-19. What to believe?

Personally, the news hasn’t sunk in dramatically which does not mean that there aren’t some who have been horrified by it.

There was an odd period after “9/11” when the question ‘Who did it?’ became secondary to ‘What to do about this new future?’ as authorities across the world stood up for the War on Terror, offering co-operation by their Secret Services. After the initial ‘Benhgazi’ terror-attack furor had died down the cry of ‘At this stage what does it matter who did it?’ emerged. Now the shock reaction to a terrifying pandemic has overridden the first question ‘Was it Man-Made or was it Natural?’ – I mean it’s so urgent and life-threatening that, well, who cares? Right?

A 2020 Antiviral Research paper reads,

“… sequence contains 12 additional nucleotides upstream … a canonical furin-like cleavage site (a place susceptible to interference and breaking) … may provide a gain-of-function (a mutation that up-levels activity) to the 2019-n CoV for efficient spreading in the human population …”

See the technical details at
There is a rather less technical and perhaps more readable version at
The Daily Express has written something on this also.

Or else view ‘Prof.Francis Boyle Update on Coronavirus Bioweapon’ and ‘US Biowarfare Act Author: Studies Confirm Coronavirus Weaponized! (

I have no dog in this fight: I merely wish to live under the cover of Truth.

I wish also that government persons be resolute in the good and with a much fuller awareness of the ultimate danger they are now placing themselves in. If the originating evil to be rooted out with some caution is allowed to persist then misfortune will come to all sides. As usual the technical academics, living up in their heads, have approached scientific warfare as ‘You die first so I win!’ Excepting a few deluded narcissistic psycopaths (who would rip each other apart mercilessly in their imagined aftermath) there will be no future winners, only a battlefield riven by streams of tears.

Professor Boyle is a distinguished yet controversial figure who seizes the opportunity to point the finger at Nazis-pleasing Operation Paperclip as the source of modern biological weaponry in the international arsenal of evil.  ( has much background detail on all of this. 

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