I’ve given up on politics, a dead art it seems. What we are seeing approach globally is an interim street theatre of the absurd

I’ve given up on politics, a dead art itseems. What we are seeing approach globally is an interim street theatre of the absurd with pitiful Punch, his Wife and the Baby being repeatedly mind-truncheoned and the best strings of sausages going to the crocodiles. “This has to stop right here” rings-out the Pendulum of the Ages, bang on cue.

Take the names

unclebiden brennan burismaholdings chalupa ciamarella deepstate maidancoup novelli nuland rice schiff vindman

tangle them up together and what do they reveal?


They say that bright Erin Valenti, only 33 years old selected suicide under mysterious circumstances.

She was the CEO of one of California’s innovative entrepreneurial tech ventures and she went missing recently on her way to San Jose airport to fly home, found dead. There are no records of manic episodes by her and yet during her last ‘phone-calls, to parents/family, she explained “it’s all a game, it’s a thought experiment, we’re in the Matrix”. Rest in Peace, Erin Valenti.

Who’s afraid of Virgin Wolf? UKColumn News on October 11th 2019 (Youtube video, from 24mins.) reported that pupils in Scottish classrooms are being encouraged/instructed in how to lick anus. Who in Hell’s name …? Father & Mother protect them – and us all – from these fully-fledged flesh-panderers!

A crony mailing UNCLE SAM by name,

‘Uncurbable Nonsensical Contentionist Legalistically Exemplarizing Snowden Assange Manning’

 On the 9th November 1989 the Berlin Wall fell signaling the start of fruitful freedom demonstrations in Eastern Europe. Not long after I visited both Dresden and Berlin. (We  could have brought back good East German army items for peanuts. I declined and kept a piece of the wall.) At Dresden Technische Universitat I spoke with an agile dark-suited small man in glasses who was loading large heavy books onto the back of a lorry. They were communist tomes that he was driving back to West Germany with a view to selling them to political science students.  He said the university was anxious to get rid of them.They cost him one dollar each. The new East German business types were no match for the West German traders. In contrast to West Germany which was reformed after WWII by such as foreign trades union leaders who introduced enlightened socialist ideas that had zero chance of acceptance at home, the Russians had imposed a more exact form of communism here than in Russia itself. Now, at Zentrum, there was a shooting brake with copies of newspaper-size print-outs for sale out of the open back. They were the identities and whereabouts, even telephone numbers, of the now disbanded and out-of-work-for-ever secret police, a despised brutal bunch. To my surprise there were little or no beatings or any other attacks on the ex-Stasi’s during my stay.

Later, I was told, the Stasi secret police records were put on public view. An appointment was to be made to view personal records in their entirety. This was stopped because persons while viewing were too often collapsing, distraught. The records revealed who was selling what information to whom about whoever -teachers on schoolchildren: pupils on staff members, husbands on wives: wives on husbands. Colleagues, friends, team members, etc. Even refuse collectors were reading the rubbish from the bins and reporting on it.

The spirit of the old Stasi is still with us in the new West but now it flies the exciting flag of hi-technology. Don’t buy it.

NigelRaymondOfford (C) 2019

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