Never mind how self-important the new world order-givers feel, they are doomed by their fractious narcissistic psychopathies, their universe-in-a-bubble personality disorders, their fears that make them desire dominance over normal folk above all else.

Lacking warm human or even caring chimplike emotions, yet aping these quite madly for our deception, they seek to create a world freed of all positive emotional attachments and devoid of those cultural sentiments that face towards goodness.

They see their decadent worldly ways, the lies that they have been successfully spreading for years, as being a better state for them, certainly not for us. Be in no doubt that these damp social squibs are superficially effective only and will prove unacceptable to the human race when the people arise from their induced slumbers, sober up and claim back all that was stolen from them while they slept.

Humanity’s progress depends on life becoming smoother not rougher, more generous and not meaner, more trustworthy not more treacherous, warmer rather than colder. Heaven help the perpetrators – all will be revealed as this Age of Worldly Reason passes, thanks God.

~ by nigelraymondofford on August 17, 2019.

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