The beehive construct has one fertile queen plus a few dispensable drones without workload and an army of neuter bees for security and division of labour. Their loyalty and hardwork are assured and their apparent unawareness produces ‘hivemind’, the whole acting as if a single organism with the hive itself held in a kind of transcendence over the needs of individual workers. Bees die when they sting, making their sacrifice complete. The ‘sentience’ of the colony may be a parallel to concepts of the collective consciousness or of a collective intelligence. Collectivism? Communitarianism? Corporate Communism? Agenda 21-2030?

What on Earth could persuade currently free people to live as worker bees do, totally inhumanly?

Barrie Trower On 5G Microwaves ; There is No safe Place, No Where To Go

5G AI & The NWO Smart Control Grid with Max Igan

Full 5G satanic agendas exposed – Joe Imbriani

SKYNET (Space Fence, 5G Network, Food Supply) Deborah Tavarres


Many decades have passed since War became viewed holistically. Now armed combatants form just a part of the overall range of weaponry (mind control, food control, water control, weather control, disease control, covert insurgency control, forced migrancy control, addiction aiding, privatized eugenicism, weakened personal states of mind, poor health physically and society’s moral degredation including by media stealth) and this now includes even legalized propaganda in the USA to be used against their own people!


Years ago a government tried to edge their Police into carrying guns. They sent individual letters to their home addresses, “Do you want a gun?” The overwhelming response was “No”. Since then their recruitment standards for police officers have changed. The psycho-tendencies the Force once watched-out for so as to eliminate over-the-top alpha-enforcers are now a reason for welcoming such candidates into their special ranks: militarization.


Exercising power without responsibility comes as second nature to an NPD narc. (Please see the posts for April and May 2018 for some definitions.)

Such a person (a self-aware psychopath-cum-sociopath with sadistic tendencies and little or no grip on the notion of personal boundaries) is pretty phazed by normal folk with their cloud of positive emotions, personal border recognitions and empathic responses. The resultant unpredictability of human beings has spelt death for some historic Narcissists including all-powerful ones. AI is the answer, 5G is the enforcer, equally a communications power supply and a handily harsh or else capital punishment, possibly at random, let alone a commercial channel and an infant’s egg fryer. Add this in with smart dust, the internet of things and facial recognition systems and you have a control freak’s paradise, a blame-transferror’s dream come true.


The pendulum of progress swings out but then swings back again. As we reach the limits of the Age of Reason we cannot now imagine what is to come next, so inured in mathematics and computing have we become that we foolishly believe in the religion of materialism where the mind is in the brain only, vision is always through the eyes alone and sound exists purely via the ears. Ask a near-death experiencer for their personal account. It is misguided or idiotic to speak of Artificial Intelligence that is greater than any of us because of its power to calculate swiftly.

Do they not understand that when Jackie Chan (among many other martial artists) performs impossible events then at that split-second moment he is not thinking at all! (They say the ‘chi’ is doing the doing.) Or that when a musician pulls off an unbelievably good improvisation then it is useless to ask him subsequently how he did it. He didn’t do it, something played through him arising from the depth of his being. He probably won’t even recall it clearly or at all except from a recording.

Do they not know that it is the physician who heals, not Big Pharma. When Jesus said “physician heal thyself” that was a factual challenge. Physician-healers are poor at treating themselves and will turn to another physician-healer for results. All medicines are poisons, after all, and the work of true healing is an art not a science.

A visual work of art in the order of a Leonardo or Pablo Picasso is considered really beyond reduction by the few exponents who might be worthy of doing that reducing. Only teachers and critics inferior in creativity will dissect such works for their followers, missing the point as to why they are so great which is largely ineffable so indefinable anyway.

Some groups or teams have been undoubtedly greater than the sum of their parts.

Stockbrokers employ analysts purely to introduce logical ideas to clients but will handle their own personal portfolio of shares strictly by flying by the seat of their pants.

The present Enlightened Ones, and the past masters who are still on this Earth, empty their mind of all thought – no pictures, no words, no music, no math, no computing – in order to advance to or revisit a state of incidental invincibility.

Minds that are not so deeply treated – most minds in fact – regurgitate to some degree of cleverness or stupidity ideas that are pre-existent having merely remarshalled them and so raising the question “Where did the very first ideas actually come from, if not from human minds?”

I guarantee you that no totally original idea will ever land on this planet unless God places it here. And that AI has absolutely no ability to write a brand new joke that no-one has ever heard before.

“What do you call a boomerang that doesn’t come back? A stick! What do you call AI with no ability to cobble disparate factors into an ironic eventuality? Stuck!”

Yet if they can upload human brains or parts of minds into AI … well, the future then will be as uncertain as it ever has been.






~ by nigelraymondofford on June 6, 2018.

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