BEYOND Q lies the attempt to rectify what’s been spoilt A GAINMAKING TRIBE goes down to estrangement and opposition WHAT ELSE MAY OCCUR 2018?

Despite what some videos on Youtube are claiming, there are no predictions by Nostradamus that refer specifically to 2018. So let’s check-out a divinatrice of today, Julie Mckenzie:

2018 Premonition Predictions Trumps Big Move, Rockefeller Ctr, Nth Korea, Bitcoin Fail, AI Cloning


My summaries of Ms.Mckenzies ideas are in blue.


Mt.Vesuvius and a volcanic chain are to blow. This will somehow cause the Seven Hills of Rome to be flattened.


The Pope fleeing Rome is addressed in the Article MALACHY’S POPES AND NOSTRADAMUS and Quatrain II 93 in the Article STORED UP IN THE NORTH WIND 

A terror-type attack at Rome that will affect the Vatican and districts close-by.

See Quatrain X 65 in the Article DEATH CHANGE AND PAPAL ROME

See the Nostradamus Quatrain II 97  BEWARE THE IDES OF MAY



New Zealand’s territory is to be rendered “uninhabitable” for the 300kms between the cities of Christchurch (South Island) and Wellington (North Island).
Christchurch is at 43°31 and Wellington at 41°17Nostradamus did make general mention of disturbances at Longitudes 41 and 42 degrees, as it happens, but most probably did not intend Australasia. See the Article NOSTRADAMUS GEOGRAPHY   

Update September 2018 CRISIS IN NEW ZEALAND (little or no press reporting)

Sometime around Easter: a terror-style attack in NYC at Rockefeller Center (between 48th and 51st Streets) and towards the Trump Tower (between 56th and 57th Streets). Some canisters are envisioned under a building. Julie hopes especially that this destruction will be averted.

 A Tower in flames occupies one page of the recently revealed picture book being attributed to Nostradamus (but I favor his son Cesar the artist as its author). In Tarot Card decks the Tower is similarly depicted either in flames or, more usually, struck a cracking blow by lightning. These symbols might have entered the collective subconscious but, in common reality, a tower is a pretty sturdy shape capable of withstanding severe stresses. Counter-intuitively in modern Tarot Card readings it represents the sudden coming of an unexpected upheaval with life-changing, illusion dispelling results. How did it get this meaning?

I suspect that this comes from a practice in Ancient France of constructing watchtowers with sentries to scan the approaches to a village and raise the alarm should strangers draw near. Why? I guess that daily life was stable and confined, people knowing only their own villagers and some from near-by villages. But political life on the outside was sometimes volatile and could be unexpectedly devastating. A stranger approaching might be a tinker selling goods or a minstrel bringing a breath of fresh air but equally this could be the herald of doom and destruction. Danger. On guard! 


Le saint empire viendra en Germanie,
Ismaelites trouueront lieux ouuerts.
Anes vouldront aussi la Carmanie,
Les soustenens deterre tours couuerts.

New Translation:

The holy empire will come into Germania,
An international power in descent from the Romans arrives among disparate tribes. (USA?) The HRE (Central Banks?)  have influenced the nations in ways not necessarily compatible with their sovereign interests.

Ishmaelites will be found in or will find open places:
In the Bible the Ishmaelites were a wanderering tribe, from petty to big traders, now thought to be Arabs, about whom little or nothing was written down. Even odder are the photographic records kept of poor white folk in the USA whom eugenecists back then described as ‘Ishmaelites’, apparently because this was their idea of a tribe deserving of extinction at their murderous hands.

Anes will want – also the Carmanians –
The Roman siege machine that threw stones was called a Wild Asne, a kicking donkey. Used metaphorically this also could suggest intoxicated or ignorant wreckers. ‘Manes’ sounds similar to ‘Anes’ and these were Roman spirit guides for those newly deceased. A symbolic belief in their efficacy still existed in Nostredame’s era. There is also a small parish named Anes, an administrative section in Siero in Northern Spain. Historic Carmania was in the widespread region seemingly known as Ariana. Today that covers all of Afghanistan, East Iran (Carmania) & South Eastern Iran, parts of Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Southern Uzbekistan. All have their share of persons begrudging American influence over these lands.

(Hybridizing further the proto-French here by inserting the Old English word ‘anes’ could give us the alternative line ‘For that purpose at that time they will also want the Carmanians’)

The guardians to unearth the buried towers.
In Old French ‘soutenance’ meant that which supports or maintains. Either local persons of social responsibility or else first responders could qualify, I guess. Otherwise this line may be re-construed as failed physical supports and subsequent excavations or, using the alternative definition of OF ‘tour’ as a circling continuous path we could then translate Line 4 as ‘The earth supports a covered circular path’.
Apparently such a path encircles a grid of underground tunnels  passing under both the RC and Trump Tower and other places in Central NYC including the 666 Jared Kushner property. They are said to have been used by President Woodrow Wilson and seem maintained today.

In Britain a contemporary politician deceives everybody. There’s a large hidden agenda waiting to be uncovered (becoming apparent towards the end of 2018).

Nobody talks about Theresa May having always been a major protagonist of the vast UK public surveillance system. Nobody talks about Boris Johnson’s roots in the transnational elite. What if Scottish apartism should prevail or its unlikely severance from UK occur? (See the Article X 66  A SENSE OF NEW WORLD IMBALANCE).  Nobody questions the surprising rise of Jeremy Corbyn – could he be yet another ‘selectee’ of the Globalist Cabal/Trilateral Commission/Bilderbergers? And why did Nigel Farage stand down so soon after Brexit?

‘Yes, we have No Brexit’ would mean widespread Civil Disturbances and that could mean Martial Law is introduced and the seemingly new-fangled Corporate Leftism becoming more apparent in the World.

North Korea, President Kim Jong-Un stirs up trouble for South Korea involving a white powder much like anthrax. China rejects Trump who turns to Russia and the world is not supportive of him but they all come back to his side possibly because Jong-Un is the least stable-seeming element of the problem. Some kind of explosion leads to the NK leader’s apparent death/disappearance.

Such a tiny state with so great a willpower to be snuffed out?

President Trump seeks a historic event for his presidency, she figures, and he likes to be surprising, Julie says “expect the unexpected”.

That could be good or bad news:

Is Trump Deep State?
Not likely says American Intelligence Media

Researching for this blogpost I have read many newspaper and website articles vilifying or mocking Donald Trump by linking him haplessly to misguided choices of Nostradamus Quatrains. One was from the “shaven head” group of quatrains and was accompanied by a fudged photograph of DJT showing him with a bald pate as proof of its aptness! Heady but totally lacking in substance!

The most targeted Nostradamus Centuries quatrain was

III 81

Le grand criard sans honte audacieux,
Sera esle gouuerneur de l’armee,
La hardiesse de son contentieux
Le pont rompu, Cité de peur pasmee.

My translation:
The grandee proclaims loudly, without bold dishonourings,
(Who) is to be the head of the army,
(By) the bravura of his disputations/the daring of his emplacements
The bridge is shattered, the City swooning from fear.

OF “pont” is probably a bridge or a linking superstructure of some sort although it was also used for a royal daughter who does not succeed under Salic law but whose son is eligible for the throne. Nostredame also uses it sometimes for a Pontiff or Pope. Which “Cité” swoons? The OF ‘cité’ could mean some urban agglomeration or the fortified old section of it or else an episcopal seat.

Nothing untoward in here about Trump so far but the MSM collectively elected to take the figurative exaggeration “a bawling screamer” for O.F. ‘criard’ (which stood alone is rather like ‘the Town Crier’) and demanded we recognize this as the brash US President rather than the brash NK President.

On finances in 2018 she favours the cryptocurrencies, especially one that is newly emergent, but fears Bitcoin which possibly has too many big players in the game. Julie urges that hard copy be stored of all your Bitcoin purchases and warns us all on the perils of undertaking contracts within money systems this year whilst fearing a market collapse of some sort in the USA.

STOP PRESS: This week’s Bitcoin crash was all about fraud and regulation
Simon Chandler, Jan 18th 2018,

Even should a strong financial correction directly damage only a few the repercussions hurt us all to some extent.

Artificial Intelligence is a huge and deceptive subject that she wisely delimits to human cloning with AI aspects. Quite rightly she forecasts the inevitable debate on morality and humanity and warns tellingly of privacy invasions.

Adding robot bits to enhance humans is as nothing compared with adding human bits to enhance robots.

A new technology will emerge to combat climate change.

There are so many revolutionary technologies waiting for the floodgates to open but they all could have negative weaponized uses also.


A space or oceanic mission will be leaked/announced in error then downgraded deliberately as if merely a hoax. Watch out for a Disney- or superhero-type of project name, she hints.

See the section 1i in the Article II 62 MABUS BY NAME

Sometimes the best a visionary can hope for is that they are mostly mistaken but here’s some basically good news from Julie to end our post with:

The Medical and the Mining industries are to be revealed as unsafe in their different ways and given restructuring of some kind for the common good. Big games, big revelations. Ms.Julie Mckenzie muses that some players may become vilified, rather like the current Hollywood scandals.

Update 20th November 2018 Daily Mail

Big technology and internet companies tumbled again Monday, leading to broad losses across the stock market as Facebook is on pace for its longest ever losing streak. Investors are calling on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to step down. Did Julie mean the Data Mining Industry?

Update 16th December 2018

‘‘The stock market value for Johnson & Johnson dropped by 10 percent on Friday after a damaging report went public, causing the company to lose about $23 billion in value.’’ 

And there’s more to mull, so watch the video … meanwhile we may deduce that life must go on (and that the USA’s President Trump will continue) for a while longer yet.

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