December 2017 Mars and Jupiter appear with Mercury appearing from the Solstice, Venus and Saturn combust. Nostradamus says an openly evil time


Nostradamus Quatrain IX 55

L’horrible guerre qu’en l’Occident s’appreste,
L’an ensuiuant viendra la pestilence
Si fort horrible qne ieune, vieux ne beste,
Sang, feu, Mercure, Mars, Iupiter en France.

The horrific war which gathers/which is prepared for militarily in the West,
A year after that will come pestilence
Of such gruesome strength it does not (spare) the young nor the old nor the beast,
Blood and fire, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter in France.

A nuclear WWIII is now viable for the elite of the elite and also their necessary followers, guards and minions as deep underground cities have been prepared with interconnecting tunnel ways and vast stores. The rest of mankind must suffer surface destruction.

In 2016-17 the cognizant witness will have have recognized an attempt – seeming to come from somewhere within the hidden executive structure of the US – to fire a war between America and Russia with Ukraine as the tinderbox. This war would threaten a nuclear destruction spreading around the globe like a fierce tsunami wave. The new administration of the USA plus a growing awareness among the people seems to have put that monstrosity on the back-burner. A Middle East-based replacement madness may have been averted recently by Russia.

When we group and summarize worldly actions only two generalized headings remain. Love and Fear. Under intense critical analysis, all else seems to stem from them. The culpable warmongers – loving the benefits of an evil life and worried about the advancing public exposure of their true nature, terrified of each other and the devil-figure lurking with menace behind all their creepings – are ready sociopaths who will happily see everybody rot if it would only spare their personal self from destruction (or if they must die they will take the maximum number of innocents along with them).

The all-encompassing pestilence of Line 2 follows upon preparation for a most horrible war but Line 1 does not say that this war comes, only that it is prepared for.

Switching emphasis to the impoverished hermit state of North Korea and its political posturings has led to the latest ludicrous leak that they have anthrax germs to be transported by an inexplicable supply of ICBM warheads. Anthrax was long-ago weaponized by the United States and as such made a brief appearance in some Washington envelopes, following 9/11. If they fail at nuclear war will the Neo-con/New-nazi maniacs try mass germ warfare against their own people? After all, their declared aim is world government over a massively depleted population.


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One way or another something previously deceptive but now coming into the light must end, openly or covertly, publicly or privately.

“God bless us, everyone!” (A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens)

Update Early January 2018: Danger averted globally? The very highest skills of PR – Patience and Resourcefulness – are at play diminishing the fierce responses that displayed addiction to a direct, if bewildering, course of action. The New Moon means its time to dream-up the future and such visions may well be realized over time but other influences demand sensibility and a sure hand.

Although referring initially to the Western Hemisphere and so matters international in nature, this quatrain might equally possibly have intended to warn of troubles in France specifically. (Lee McCann writing in 1941 thought it referred to March of 1915 and the second battle of Ypres in WWI. He then translated Line 2 OF “pestilence” as “scourge”.) Whatever, the clear warning is that a war and its consequences are best averted.




~ by nigelraymondofford on December 26, 2017.

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