THE AMERICAN ECLIPSE The whole globe is heading toward One World status. How is it to be? A return to serfs&masters or fresh enlightened truth?

The whole globe is heading toward One World status. How is it to be? A return to serfs & masters or fresh enlightened truth?

Politicians, male-female or whatever, are agog at the wealth, power and sexual depravities that some of them might achieve. They are hastily shifting their careerist scaling-ladders from the national parapets to the regional and the (presently occulted) global ones. To hell with the peoples at home who are, as ever, struggling with emotional and compassionate cultural issues. Apart from lip service, vote catching and puppet-plays the professional politicians of your locality may well have moved onward and upward in their own minds.

Already some well-heeled corporations are here, formed in recent years, that prematurely claim global status in the distribution chains for fish, beef and wheat. Regional legal directives such as Anti-Money Laundering (AML) are reaching around the globe even where no such local legislation exists (ask any lawyer) and yet organised global crime’s money launderings inhabit the borderless regimes of New York’s and London’s and Rome’s banking cadres. One of the world-level banks (honkers and shankers it seems) knocked a hole in the wall at a Mexican branch and installed an exclusive receiving cashier-point for gangsters only – no need to join the queue, señor.

NATO is an Imperial advanced guard facilitating occasional conquests of large sovereign territories. So-called ISIS (look for this name on the edgings around institutional checkered floors) are an unspeakable Foreign Legion. The wild life reserves and various heritage protectionist bodies are fencing-in land almost everywhere to sequester bases for Special Forces and maybe the occasional terrorism trainee without the locals even noticing.

Brain-dead is a medical meme and a legal fiction. Anyway surgeons take organs from the living, not the dead, and the auction has such high bidders raising up the stakes that your body, including the vital bone marrow, is worth millions of USD on the Devil’s global market.

DNA-matching as an identifier is no more than a probability system – fingerprints are far more specific, even unique which DNA-matching can never be as it is decided ultimately by some committee headed-up by a lab owner – whilst the complexities of facial-recognition have required so many photos of your face to establish that the ‘selfie’ was possibly invented for it. Such things are being sold to us as inviolable, unquestionable, the pride and joy of law enforcement and of the judiciary (and therefore of politicians). Why? Like recorded mass surveillance the intention can only be to dig up buried dirt swiftly against a new opponent (maybe you or yours) and threaten some sleazy denouement or engineer a quick and dirty conviction.

An old tension between the rights of any community over inventions within its purlieus and the right of the inventor to earn from such inventiveness is inappropriate to globalism and – guess what? – intellectual property rights and copyright are being amended all over to extend the rights of the holders and remove the rights of community.

Monetizing select social movements reflects a political desperation for power and accustomed actors are taking over perceived reality in the US – as spotted by the serious website Zerohedge in a recent Craigslist ad:

“Actors and Photographers Wanted in Charlotte”
◦ Prior relevant experience (as an actor/performer, photographer, brand ambassador, political activist, etc)

Post-industrialism in the West has meant burgeoning industrialism in the East. How will these be sustained? Separately each is imbalanced. Together they could balance. But we also have a sinister new wordspeak, a special meaning for “sustainable/able to be sustained”. Once it would have been the monarchies and those Untrue Gods of Regional Religions displacing the True Great God Almighty who chose what (or who) is to be sustained and what (or who) is to be ‘let go’ into oblivion. Today this has become mere science; Political Science. Political decisions made over life or death. The State as serial killer.

Will the ambitious East catch up by degrees on the waning West’s progress, making the same mistakes en route. Or ‘pass directly to Go’ without gaining the experience from those mistakes and making quite bewildering new errors as a result. Or will the East head off on its own way forward causing the West to need to catch up some day, rattling the Western globalist elite?

The Pope has made an official statement reflecting that same elite’s fear of those now waking up from induced slumbers. He wants World Government. The extreme Right Wing and extravert Left Wing no longer need hold hands behind the sofa. Totalitarianism, no less.

Is there another way? For sure. Political globalism may first try to impoverish its own base, courtesy of its serving psycho-soldiery, but it must then meet with a full spiritual eclipse. Miracles are both mysterious and known.

The upcoming physical eclipse of the Sun in Leo on August 21st 2017 is, as usual, part of a pair. (A powerful Lunar partial eclipse took place on August 11th sparking-off astro events in the next couple of years that will not be seen again for more than a century. At this time Uranus is at a sharp charted angle to Neptune possibly causing astrologers to wonder that some great visionary change could follow on.)

Two moon events in one Zodiac Sign is called a blue moon but actually the second Moon of August will be a darker shade of black yet likely to turn orange-red before our eyes. It will arrive as the Sun aligns with Saturn and Uranus forming a Grand Trine. Mercury is presently retrograde, a technical expression that is based solely on perception, otherwise it would share in this relationship which the astrologers claim is one of determined courage. It may yet add focus. Emotional imbalances may also occur within and without you on the day and yet for no real reason.

Venus has moved opposite Pluto on the astrologer’s chart making a T-Square with Jupiter, a heart tugger. In fact there has been a lot of strategic astrological activity in these preceding weeks. Neptune and Uranus combined their ’fluences to aspect a series of planets. Venus harmonized with Neptune. The Sun was well-angled to Jupiter and Saturn forming a Minor Grand Trine. And thrusting, macho Mars was rather sharp with vaporous Neptune.

Some animals seem to change behaviour in advance of an eclipse so I’ve heard (but I’ve never seen this). Could some of them live in a broader sensory span for the ‘here and now’ than we do, allowing them to act predictively?

The total eclipse will travel all the United States of America from North West to  South East. A question being asked is why the trail it carves is only 70 miles wide when the Moon is supposed to have a diameter of 2,561 miles. I think the answer has something to do with the umbra and penumbra – the same reason the Moon will, I hope, turn a glorious red.

Researchers (NASA/Montana State University) will send up fifty high-altitude helium weather balloons to capture this significant procession with HD cameras etc. for live streaming online. (Passing over varied landscapes this speeding shadow should be measured for its velocity variations, perhaps over coastal waters too for comparisons, IMHO.)

A near-simultaneous event which also should be investigated is “EarthEx 2017” a US exercise apparently featuring FEMA.

Yesteryear an eclipse (the in-rushing darkness) would bring about defensive interior activities like prayer and meditation. Today forces of change might become materialized externally that could be met with regrettable counter-measures.

The shadow of this mysteriously tight Sun-Moon conjunction shall travel counter-intuitively from the Western to the Eastern parts of the planet. As a Nostradamus researcher I’m too easily reminded of a prose prediction in the Preface to Cesar,

“The alarmed Easterners will be burned by those North-Westerly brothers already mentioned; brothers but not brothers”

yet this does not seem to fit at all with the astrologers’ expectations of good progress for individuals who can adapt at the full eclipse to a greatly overdue alteration in their life.

The North West regions of Nostredame’s world, centred on the Kingdom of France, featured mainly North America and the British isles. These are presently at the psychological cutting edge of Totalitarian Globalism (so far suggesting ‘communitarianism’ for the cramped poorest to the great benefit of the expansive wealthiest).

Michel held that every ill-fate he had foreseen for humanity – possibly even the End Time – could be postponed, perhaps indefinitely, should sufficient numbers of people change direction and turn their hearts against untruth, deceit and dross. This must be as good a time as any to hold up one’s Higher Self to an infinite sky.

~ by nigelraymondofford on August 20, 2017.

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