The exhorted cries of “Lock Her Up!” have gone with the wind but we may yet hear a clamourous “Lock Him Up!” instead

The American system of governance stands on three legs of which the President, as elected by the people, is only one. For that one-legged stool of a person to act unilaterally is both illegal and unconstitutional and that lofty personage should tumble according to the plan laid-down by the founding fathers of the States of America. I suppose the realistic view is that what once signified the Dawn is not necessarily significant at Midday. Even so, no legislative amendment has been effected that would make President Trump’s action (fulfilling Hillary Clinton’s vision) legal or constitutional.

Sadly people died in the first US Syria missile strike and that would be construed as murder in other circumstances but it happens that bombing vast airfields – like bombing railroad tracks – is only a temporary inconvenience remediable in less than 24-hours and all the geo-politikal players know this. Photographs of unmoved and virtually indestructible aircraft shelters with blackened portals is not good value for millions of dollars worth of missiles unleashed and the few destroyed surface aircraft somehow will be replaced. In the list of things that would inconvenience our world leaders this is but a flea-bite, a semi-serious shot across the bows although perhaps a marker for future irritations elsewhere.

Even so, I guess this will be seen as a massive betrayal by the US  voters who expected Trump Peace to be the counterpoint to Clinton War. Many politicians and their paid commentators will talk this one up into a popular storm. The hitherto group-hysterical cries for presidential impeachment have suddenly become substantiated, at least in potential.

My last post – on Nostradamus Quatrain VI 34 – may now be open to a wider interpretation. The new US President on acting much like a king has outperformed Barak Obama and heartened the Clinton pulse so darkening the bright shafts of Spring whilst making this attack seem, as the comedians might say, a strange way to resign.

Who on Earth and in the skies is holding the reigns and steering the White House chariot now? Steady handed old Helios or the unpredictable young Phaëton

(See quatrain II 81 in the Article STORED UP IN THE NORTH WIND on our sister website )

and will Zeus strike him down with a thunderbolt?

(Update: Pres. Trump’s bitter enemies are, to a manwoman, lauding him now for an action that was neither ‘interests of national security’ nor exactly ‘naked aggression’ – full warning was given well in advance and the runways left untouched – and his foes at CNN have called him ‘presidential’ at last. It seems the Saviour of America, desired by many precisely because he had no political side, has just pulled-off a perfect political pitch.) 


~ by nigelraymondofford on April 9, 2017.

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