Scan the sky besieged leader! Nostradamus Quatrain VI 34 speaks of a fiery flying machine! Who do we know praises as good his drone badness?

VI 34

De feu volant la machination,
Viendra troubler au grand chef assiegez :
Dedans sera telle sedition,
Qu’en desespoir seront les profligez.

The machine of flying fire
Will come to agitate the great Chief you besiege:
Within will be contained dissension
The desperate will be pro malfeasances.

Line 4, OF ‘desespoir’ when used figuratively means that those who have lost personal hope are acting from despair, i.e. playing to their desperation.

OF ‘profliguez’ is difficult to find anywhere else despite its superficial resemblance to the English substantive ‘profligate’. It contains the particles OF ‘pro’, the scholarly form of for, and OF ‘ligue’ meaning an association of political entities with common interests, a band of malefactors in a real conspiracy.

Spring Equinox 2017  –  here comes the light


~ by nigelraymondofford on March 20, 2017.

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