Powerful astrological times like nothing before in our era are starting now I wish every empathic being as wonderful a New Year as 2017 can be

Powerful astrological times like nothing before in our era are starting now I wish every empathic being as wonderful a New Year as 2017 can be


“Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world.” 


“Wanting to reform the world without discovering one’s true self is like trying to cover the world with leather to avoid the pain of walking on stones and thorns. It is much simpler to wear shoes.” 


“Why should you bear your load on the head when you are travelling in a train? You are not lessening the burden of the train by keeping it on your head.”

The above words are those of the sage Ramana Maharshi. The flippant headings are my own and almost justified because these words of Ramana are spiritual truths applied to the material world so as to guide the more religious among his followers. But there is a deeper level where the spiritual is the truest Reality and has no need of earthly religion, no ball of flame searching out candles.

On the subject of religiosity, has Judah been waiting for Two Messiahs, from early times, to fulfil its dreams of total conquest under one God? The Book of Zechariah (see the Article END-TIME NOSTRADAMUS SERIES (1) THE BOOK OF ZECHARIAH) and the Dead Sea Scrolls reference this dyad. In the words of thoughtful theologian James Tabor,

“This message is addressed to the two “Messiahs”, the Priest and the “King” or Governor, Joshua and Zerubbabel, respectively. They become “signifiers” of things to come. They are not the final anointed ones, and Zechariah picks this up in his visions.”


“Kislev 24 (December 23rd 2016, also the eve of Hanukkah) is not specifically mentioned in Zechariah, but it is alluded to in chapter 4:8-10. It is the famous “day of small things,” that one might be led to “despise,” because after all, this tiny little remnant of Judah … had hopes and dreams and promises of world dominion – and the rulership of its promised ‘Messiahs’”


“Both Haggai and Zechariah … are concerned that the Temple be rebuilt and the city-state of Judea be restored …  However, if read carefully, both clearly understand that this restoration of Judah is only a preliminary, even symbolic step, to a coming great restoration of Judah and all Israel–including the so-called ‘Lost Tribes’.”

The lost tribes of Israel left the stage of history and simply got assimilated with other peoples in other lands, God alone knows where, and by now their varied genes must be located in all corners of the planet. This knocks out any notion of a global supremacism by way of DNA or some godly underwriting, be they the old Khazar-Jesuit-Zionist varieties or any others looking to the ancient Hebrew for justification.

“Even though there is a Priest (Joshua), and a Governor (Zerubbabel) of the Davidic line, there is no anointing of the BRANCH* figure of whom both Isaiah and Jeremiah had spoken. One way of putting this is to say that Haggai and Zechariah … know that the final days have not come.”

Nor have they now and yet the moving platform that carries us all us toward the attested terminal is feeling ominously relentless underfoot.

Even so, something is changing for the better as more and more real human beings are seeing through the knotted systems that empower all our par-for-the-course narcissistic psychopathic politicos.

*Curiously, Michel deNostredame employs the capitalized word ‘BRANCHES’ in Nostradamus Quatrain I 2 ALL SYSTEMS GO over at the website nostradamundus.wordpress.com


~ by nigelraymondofford on January 1, 2017.

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