Nostradamus III 95 finds Donald Trump and ‘élection’ among letters of the First Couplet and Hillary Clinton and ‘présidentielle’ in the Second 

Nostradamus III 95 finds Donald Trump and ‘élection’ among letters of the First Couplet and Hillary Clinton and ‘présidentielle’ in the Second
Whichever, they will inherit the same national debt from President Obama (whose title and name may be found jumbled-up in the letters of Line 3). Here are some possibly pertinent nouns similarly wrapped away out of sight:
Line 1                                                                   OF ‘fraude’
Line 2                                                                  OF ‘traitre’
Line 3                                                                  mod.Fr. ‘pedophilie’
Line 4                                                                  mod.Fr. ‘conspirateurs’

Modern Fr. ‘narcissique’, narcissistic, and OF ‘loquace’, loquacious, otherwise OF ‘bavard’, talkative, or else mod.Fr. ‘esbroufer ‘, bluff, swank, are available from the letters in the First Couplet.

The phrase ‘Le cadeau qui continue à donner’ – the gift that keeps on giving – is lettered into the quatrain as a whole.

Nostradamus Quatrain III 95

1555 Lyon Bonhomme

La loy Moricque on verra defaillir:
Apres vne autre beaucoup plus seductiue,
Boristhenes premier viendra faillir:
Pardons & langue vne plus attractiue.

The rule of Moricque (Amerique?) will fail the people:
In line is another more persuasive,
Boristhenes will come to end first:
By gifts and tongue one more attractive.

Line 1 contains the jumbled letters of ‘Amerique’ – so suggesting America falling from its position of global superpower and internationally-nominated reserve currency.

If China and Japan should ever choose to switch their Trillions of USD reserves into other assets, ahead of a foreseeable monetary collapse, a social tsunami will sweep the whole world possibly with after-effects as powerful as after the plagues of the Middle Ages. (Those were mainly wealth reversals, neglected property, broken bloodlines, the breakdown of the old order, new levels of lewdness and unaccustomed marriages.)

In the plural, Moricques might mean Moriscos. These Dutch renegades were wannabe Barbary Pirates who could literally sail very close to the wind.  Zymen de Danser the ‘devil captain’ lived in his own palace when ashore and partnered with murderous Englishman John Warde during the time of Henry IV of France with whom who he was in secret negotiations. This kind of privateer is since returned into currency but without the apparent swashbuckling, you can bank on it.

‘Boristhenes’ is an old name for the Dnieper River’s hinterlands (and the Goths route to Rome) and is also a family name in France. It contains in itself the given name Boris. It was also the name of a city at the Dnieper’s mouth, Borysthenes.

“The miser did not possess wealth, but was possessed by it” was a saying of Bion of Borysthenes who as a rich rhetoritician’s heir had burnt his master’s books and headed for Athens to study philosophy instead.

Line 3, OF ‘Faillir’ is a failed promise (money was originally a promise, for what it’s worth) or finally to end, to fail, fall, surrender, die. ‘Premier Boris ends first’ would be strong as purely a time-marker: Yeltsin died in April 2007. The banks were cooling-off on interbank dealings at this very time as fears grew of picking up unidentifiable but fatally flawed financial packages in a grotesque game of pass-the-parcel. By July 2007 the banks were not dealing with each other at all and in 2008 the frozen-solid system cracked apart with much deconstruction for the financial sector and far beyond.

Line 4. ‘Pardons’, forgiveness, will unravel as ‘par dons’ or ‘by gifts’ such as charitable donations. This would resonate with the Clinton camp’s foundation receipts and Trump’s recent contribution to keeping up the spirit of disaster survivors. (The 2016 USA presidential election candidates seem to me to resemble either a horse without a cart or vice versa.)

The MSM and parts of the the Internet promote controlled misinformations daily. This election run-up has looked like a massive dose of the same and may have disturbed or dislodged the discriminatory capacities of some human minds to the point of being an incidental psy-op.

Of course, Western finances could all collapse inwards with the easiest of pickings being for the filthiest of the filthy rich. Big banks with capacious stomachs eat little bank’s that have swallowed people’s assets indigestibly and eventually everything is owned by a small group of unbelievable power and wealth at the dark heart of the monetary world, like an octopus of ridiculous reach.

God willing, a winning ‘defrayer’ will appear on the future world stage offering ‘gifts’ or ‘pardons’ rather than sustaining global debt-chains traceable back to a few base creditors. Watch out World, this will change the way we live.


~ by nigelraymondofford on November 7, 2016.

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