Venus is sextile Jupiter today and so here are two Horribly Illegal Lying Larceny-filled And Rigidifying Yarns to unsettle some folks further

Just as harassed President Nixon allowed an aide to control the door to his office making this gatekeeper the most powerful person in the Whitehouse so the same was done to a President by his Secretary of State using hi-tech internet controls.

Setting-up private servers as the mystery mailbox of the State Department in advance of the normal re-routings to the President’s office/the Pentagon/the Persons of Power, this high-level official separately controlled, interfered with and intervened in the affairs of the political world generally/the President partially/the Pentagon.

A fairy tale if ever I heard one? Here’s another –

A bully boy boarded a passing government jet to pass a black letter to the head of the judiciary nailing some of her prosecutors (by providing proofs of low living) while confirming that she would have her job for as long as she likes it and for so long as his family holds the power in Washington. Unbelievable?

Try this – the tarmac-colored exchange was guarded by the FBI and the head of the FBI got wind of the whole plan which would ensure that particular prosecutors could never speak their minds so leaving the Hill gloriously ‘not guilty’.

The FBI chief could not bear to hear a ‘not guilty’ verdict announced from on high and called a press conference the first part of which clearly demonstrated her guilt beyond all doubt. The second part, having gainsay’d the prosecutors, ensured she would not go to trial. Game set and match to the FIB.

What price these two fairy tales from the demi-conscious source of all inventiveness?

No charge.

U.N. Official ‘Accidentally’ Crushes Own Throat Right Before Testifying Against Hillary

EXPOSED: How The Clintons Likely STOLE BILLIONS From World’s Poorest – Charles Ortel

What Did Bill Clinton Lie About? Christopher Hitchens on the Values of the Worst Family

UPDATE: Like the galloping cowboys in my childhood comicbooks who led their pursuers to the edge of an impossible chasm only to leap across it leaving them to falter, Bernard Sanders has leaped to the Clinton side without appropriate concessions for the benefit of his large following. This leaves them faltering on the edge, perhaps to fall leaderless into the gully below and perhaps to seek some way out of their confusion. The Hill may be experiencing uncanny good fortune ordained from on high. Or else we all are. I will not write further on this subject as I’m not a political person and understand it only from the viewpoint of a pop psychotherapist partially analyzing a ‘patient’ without all the clinical tests that should be made.

~ by nigelraymondofford on July 8, 2016.

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