The late great Jack Bruce was a meritricious Jazz bass player lurking behind that giant founding figure of Blues-Rock also called Jack Bruce

I first saw him play live at Wallington Town Hall when I was a schoolboy. There was a medium-size meeting room turned over to the occasion that had a trestle table with some soft drinks for sale and some school-agers and plenty of spare space for them if they wanted to dance. The impoverished impresario behind this gig became legendary within a small group who knew of his providing places to play for little-known yet naturally talented music performers. In fact, Jack was musically educated but I hear he quit music school before graduating which was much to his advantage in my Sixties-style biased opinion. Graham Bond played organ and Jack played a 6-string Fender bass – on the top two strings of which he performed guitar solos while Bond pumped-out the bass on his pedals – and the GB Organization was outstanding. Long after the demise of unequalled ground-breakers Cream, I spoke with superb drummer Ginger Baker (Jack’s most constant musical partner) about that gig and he enthused, without a hint of irony, “Those were the days!” adding “Jack Bruce, a lovely feller!” From their beginnings, I had also seen Cream’s every gig in and around London and, yes, that good heartedness even came over on stage. Jack leaves a widow and family. All our condolences. Rest In Peace, giant Jack.


~ by nigelraymondofford on October 26, 2014.

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