Iranian Revolutionary Guards in Syria AND Iraq? Something has changed strategically it seems in the Great Game of the Middle East

Move over you Nato and UN rovers, on December 28th 2013 some activists of the Ahwaz claim to have seen vehicles with crack Iranian military personnel coming-in at Anbar, Iraq, presumably to reinforce the Army assault teams there. Iranian Revolutionary Guards in Syria and Iraq? Something has changed strategically, it seems, in the Great Game of the Middle East. Saudi could only protect itself unaided with great difficulty but throws its weight around, apparently threatening mighty Russia’s leader Putin over the Chechnya ‘Islamic terrorist rebels’ whom they seem to have said that they control. Was that really what was said? Who on Earth could have put ‘Bush Bandar’ up to saying that? More and more there seem to be hidden hands at work in this weird world of political power puppets and phantom press reports.

The USA-European alliance seems to be shifting from foot to foot as if unbalanced by everything from Sisi to ISIS. The new national independence of Egypt is quite likely for real. Elsewhere al-Qaeda offshoots are quirkily converting two-sided warfare into three-sided fronts and some ISIS fighters have moved from Antareb, Aleppo in Syria to Anbar or Fallujah in Iraq at a timely moment – the people in Syria and other insurgents/the Islamic Front have had enough of them right now.

(Also see “Syria Comment” at

Christianity is in active retreat or is taking a bad beating almost everywhere that it used to reign supreme with the notable exception of the Jesuit Pope Francis who is being personally feted at every turn, including as ‘best dressed man of the year’.

Back down to Earth, crude ‘barrel bombs’ filled with TNT were dropped from the air, again this was on December 28th, demolishing part of an Aleppo market and killing over two dozen people including children. Even so, it certainly seems like the MiaSMa has been shielding the A (for Assad) word for the time being and stressing the divisions between Shia and Sunni that have exploded lethally under Western influence: divide and conquer. Likewise the ludicrous ‘black-is-white’ media agenda continues to act-up mainstream public opinion in the democratic West, including fake interviews with fake experts and much more graphic fakery besides, but for how long can it stay that way? The truth will out. As every psychotherapist treating relationship breakdowns must know, in the end it is the most successful and skilful Big Lie that can bury the Big Liar.

~ by nigelraymondofford on January 5, 2014.

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