In the history of the World, great emperors have oscillated between those who are bad at goodness and those who are good at badness.

They’re a rum bunch of tyrants alright but to the everyday people who comprise the great bulk of humanity this is just one more factor to cope with in their everchanging daily rounds of problems and if they can see some continuing increase in their and their family’s lives they seem mostly content to go along with it.

 Astrologers attempt to methodicize apparent vagaries of life by a kind of group imagining on the pretty permanent night sky. They limit this to watching and plotting mainly repetitive activities in the Solar System and claim that this extends to somewhere beyond Pluto. As it happens, Science imagines that the Sun’s magnetic ‘heliosphere’ extends to a limit somewhere beyond Pluto. It is a low-voltage field 10,000 km’s thick and billions of km’s wide, they say. As I write, the Sun’s N pole has already changed and the S pole of the Sun is moving somehow to correlate with it. This happens every 11 years.

NASA have warmed to the upcoming event announcing; “According to measurements from NASA-supported observatories, the Sun’s vast magnetic field is about to flip.

 The domain of Emperor Sol is about to reverse its electrical status by renegotiating its dynamo. First we get some stormy stirrings during the interchange of pole positions, which may be already reflected in our weather here on Earth, although fortunately we are shielded naturally from destructive cosmic waves. It seems like a grotesque fairytale that in living memory a major power has exploded a hundred hydrogen bombs ‘on high’ in an attempt to set fire to a susceptible layer of the atmosphere, doesn’t it? I guess it can’t be true, can it? After all, that place is at least as remote and unknown as the bottom of the deepest ocean. Who really knows what lives and happens up there …?

Without the Sun’s exact distance to the Earth we would experience only the most destructive Law of Thermodynamics – All Order Returns To Chaos. The Sun breathes life into us and Earth’s living things first grow, bloom and seed  in good order before eventually decaying into dust. This is our greatest beauty and possibly it’s quite unique. ‘Our father the Sun’ would have made sense to Michel Nostredame, I suspect. The extreme intelligence of God must be at the heart of all this and yet, simultaneously, it is a separate matter. Meanwhile Science fails to penetrate by one iota the depth of human consciousness.

With one half of ‘Solar Max’ behind us and the other half to come we may yet find a more than half-good emperor (meaning a truly reluctant and patently unqualified one who can nevertheless bring about cures – so far we have had the opposite) to lead us from our mess. We should watch closely the events of the last quarter of this year and be ready to put aside immediately those layered prejudices that have automated our support for wrong-hearted systemic decisions. Deny fear and any comfort-clinging the right to drive you robotically and listen hardest to your very innermost Self.

(This post also appears as a footnote to the Nostradamus Quatrain V 66 THE TORCH OF TRAJAN on the website


~ by nigelraymondofford on August 9, 2013.

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