14 global reasons to be cheerful: a list dreamed up by me around 22 October 2012 in response to feelings of impending politics-powered doom

1. “We use means only used by the devil,” says Ahmed Qunatri, a ‘rebel commander’ who defected from the Syria’s Republican Guard. Well, I don’t know which personal demon he’s talking about but at least the Biblical Devil is now dead. Or dormant. You know I had never believed in the Devil as a personality or otherwise but now feel obliged to accept that el Diablo, whether the ‘external reality’ noted by Judeo-Christians et al or the ‘real illusion’ created externally by and for us all, was despatched around the end of 2010 (Kissinger’s reach slackened at about the same time) leaving you and I with no general excuse for our specific actions and certain sect members without so much as a black and red crutch to lean upon. I feel that this was a fully final act although the Bible drops a spanner into the works by forecasting that he-she-it will return after one thousand years and immediately will confront the one  who despatched him. (As Nostradamus had foreseen, this was a human being – so how can that be? Counter to expectation we find that the Hebrew scribes were ever strict on reporting numerals but culturally vague on timescape words like year, day, hour etc. which may all be substituted one for another. So is this “no excuse-making will be allowed during the Devil-free period” one of a thousand years or 1,000 days or 1k hours or how long is this hiatus, if it should really exist at all?)

2. Everybody says that human consciousness is awakening/expanding. That seems to be increasingly true. In fact it may yet proceed exponentially and sweep the world. At any rate it is cross-cultural.

3. The volume of persons reaching personal Enlightenment (the crown of a spiritual and not intellectual or physical process that usually starts with self-discovery and can achieve the humble mastery of consciousness and far beyond) is slowly approaching some kind of critical point that could overtake materialistic policies, left and right, and their mass-zombifying social results.

4. Speaking of which, at least one property-holding and wealth-based congregational religion based on wordy doctrines will be in total retreat soon enough. Let no person stand between you and the God both within and without you. (The typical impostor intermediates by making clever conjurations in the air and favours fancy dress under flickering lights while striking fey insider deals.)

5. As hard-won nation-state parity moves back toward the nation being in the service of of the state, so engorged state political machinery must die without sufficient taxes to pay for both them and the enforcers or else incompetent financial systems giving support to the state’s protection from the people will become bled to death.

6. Corruption is now widespread and eating its own tail as the liars and cheats now lie to their own selves about cheating each other until they must stand rooted to the spot as the big banks did during the lead-up to their 2008 welfare handouts.

7. Money is dying by design. So be it. Watch out for SDR’s wrapped as far superior to money and for ‘superior people’ only (i.e. for the top layer in a downside-up world) or social credits whereby a computer that somebody else controls will determine access to your personal wealth. The Global Powers want this because they suspect that all increase comes from beneficent God and they want to usurp Him, to diminish His access to your means of increase.

8. Banker fee-taking and other usury is now intervening in all aspects of worldly life and so must inevitably suffer a sorry fall (but watch out you rich USA guys, standing right on the edge of the so-called fiscal/financial cliff with the winds of an asset-bubble explosion right behind you whilst you ruminate upon the secret governance skills of Dick “deficits don’t matter” Cheney).

9. The Internet/www has allowed truth to expose the social and political propaganda of the MiaSMa lapdogs and hired-gun PR liars and cheats. Absolute truth liberates the soul absolutely.

10. The USA is in irreversible decline by ulterior design and can no longer support the unsupportable but the East will blossom in a Confucian-Taoist confusion to the annoyance of our straight-line inhuman Rationalists, meaning those who can be relied upon to take a remote mental position either higher or lower than the rest of humanity.

11. It’s only a matter of time before folks wake up to the constant mental oscillation in human heads between a few clear thoughts on a specific occurence and the many pre-coloured thoughts about that matter in general. Courts of Law are swayed by lawyers who play on this human inconsistency, in fact the whole courtroom gain extra employment from it. Brain is brilliant brawn in the skull, dependent on ‘brain food’. Mind extends beyond body to the geographical limits of the senses and for any who were once sighted and hearing it does somehow see and hear for a stretch beyond the medical death of the eyes and ears. The house of the heart has a hallway that truth enters to rise up the staircase of the heart-brain-mind continuum. Imagination has powers beyond the cause-and-effect paradigm and can bring an unknown reality into the unprepared mind or initiate a departure  from the norm (but not invent an entirely original meme as a truly new human thought is rare-to-nonexistent). Or will make come true some often repeated fantasy wish, so take care!

12. Only change is constant and this will undermine all tyrants bar none and so, allowing for appropriate caution when dealing with intractables, we must fear nothing.

13. Slavery is a form of social domination that has never decreased, just changed its definition over time and has even increased under deep cover. Now it is at a new peak and so next it will decline in all its guises. Provided you do not allow the stealth slavemasters to succeed in some last ditch attempt to persuade you to succumb to their total domination (see my last post) prepare now for freedom.

14. Human free-will shall surely thrive up until the End Time, almost to the last. Individually it can be a real game-changer. Individuality rather than collectivism is favoured by free-will and yet collectively aligned willpower might even be overwhelmingly strong. But maybe not at the very end or that forced extinction would not be able to happen should everyone altruistically will everybody else to survive – or is that a thought too far?

Does your culture seem taken over by a Power Of Darkness?

There’s some true light at the end of the tunnel …

Nostradamus Quatrain III 2  (Original 1555 Lyon Bonhomme Edition)

Le diuin verbe donrra à la sustance
Compris ciel terre, or occulte au lait mystique
Corps, ame, esprit, aiant toute puissance,
Tant sous ses pieds, comme au siège celique.

The divine word will indulge the substantial
(flesh and bone, matter, material stuff)

Inclusive of sky and earth from buried gold to mystic milk
(for ‘white clay’ see I 21 http://nostradamundus.wordpress.com/)

Body-soul-spirit will have had all placed under their power

All is laid out at their feet like unto God’s Heavenly Seat

‘Le divin verbe’ could be taken to mean ‘the Word of God’ which most Christians avow is their religious compendium ‘the Bible’. To me it’s clearly a careful expression for the Great God Almighty, the One True God. (In Hebrew terms, if that’s appropriate here, the One whose name must not be spoken.)

The Preface to Cesar and Epistle to the King 
(also at http://nostradamundus.wordpress.com/)
both make it clear, at least to me, that Michel deNostredame, whether enhanced or otherwise, had experienced some kind of holy proximity. Yet nowhere does he illustrate God as a verbal entity let alone a partisan One!

The United Nations in its UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS has affirmed that  “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.”

Unfortunately the close of its Preamble and its final Articles make all this conditional upon an unstated political doctrine and its local enforcement. Soon this will look antiquated, one way or another. If Nostradamus is correct we shall take the highest of the paths presented to us and that will naturally render some unloving conditionalities as less than necessary.

~ by nigelraymondofford on October 22, 2012.

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