Here comes history! This quarter will be pivotal demanding irrevocable commitment, inside and out, to the highest game-changer in your world

When I say ‘quarter’ I’m not being calender-bound. I mean a recognizable period of change with a character of its own, starting early October. You know, I’m thinking here mostly about the USA because it is the bulwark of world peace. No, not the odd blood-worshipper in Washington or the even odder Secret Government or the Secret Armed Forces now in a majority of countries in the world (officially transient and sometimes covert in small numbers of native-speaking and native-appearance specialists) nor any neo-totalitarian sect who might have been granted political immunity for public terror acts, as happened in Cold War Europe with the unholy compact surrounding ‘Gladio’ – please look it up on Youtube. The American people, whether systemically dumbed-down and doped-up or not, hold us all in their hands between the first presidential debate – as loving Venus enters Virgo but tuff love Saturn wrests Scorpio from malefic Mars in its first Zodiac Sign change since July 2010 – up to the November election day timed for exactly when Mercury turns retrograde (spiking our ability to communicate successfully and giving us time to ponder our errors alone).

They say if you need some counselling then best get it now. Psychotherapy is good counsel that requires the erstwhile commonality of words and behaviour patterns which lead us into believing that we all live in one world. Not so. The base line is that we each live by our own head’s external perceptions, periscoped to our internal world of heart’s truth. Common Universe appears finely tuned to Common Mankind because it is a brainwavy kind of illusion created by intellect’s delusions. Astrology (by the Western tradition, sets of pre-influences attributed by God to obedient planets that in turn beam them upon us in changing combinations as their angels tractor them around a flat sky) is further illusion yet nonetheless applicable and as worthy of note as science is, indeed it was the first science.

Now technological advances have not only knocked the rarity and so the mystery out of comets and so forth but also make Solar activity look less effortlessly predictable. To an astrologer (which I am not) Saturn is most like a ponderous but hard-nosed uncle, a forceful influence demanding worldly strictures and strong structures. At worst this could translate into a draggy prison-like existence. At best he is edging us into honourable constructs so as to get out of that box of good and bad.

Universal entropy supports our most negative law of thermodynamics. The born Universe is a kind of chaos in process. Uniquely, the Earth has this downer struggling against an opposite urge to grow better by degrees and push upwards. In material terms, this anti-entropy is explained by our exact position to the entropic Sun but for the time being Saturn must remind us of our duty to create order out of chaos and could well strike heavily at those who would make chaos out of order to promote their own purposes (social control by or for power, sex and wealth) and mightily shakes-up all involved, even the listless victims of disguised chemical, physical and psychological attacks over decades past. For the coming period, Saturn is ruler of all other planets – his rightful position – and starts out on his rule with the humanity-sympathiser Jupiter turning retrograde so we should anticipate doubled troubles. Expect some almighty quakes and lightning strikes in this final quarter of 2012 emanating from above your personal height, whoever you are. Collectively we could stop these happening but mostly in the sense of making multiple individual and internal changes for the better. Is there time? Well, if not then prepare to jump up and fall down suddenly and inadvertently. Just don’t expect the major changes that have laid you out to resolve themselves anything but slowly.

The North Node (Michel Nostredame’s lunar lodestone the Caput Draconis, which is probably but not necessarily a stark influence) is pre-placed in Scorpio and multiplies Saturn’s already magnified effects upon Scorpio and across this timescape. Steamy public eroticism reaches its swing to an unthought of extreme then suddenly the public and private sexuality revealed recently in the MSM travels in contrary cool-down mode towards a superficial social fridgity again. This will be noticeable even in public images which may lose their sensuous curves (as anticipated by the UK’s national Angel of the North statue which squares off the natural waves of a wing to the point of glorious unattractiveness) in accordance with the guidelines for communist art as imposed by the puritanical Party after the Russian Revolution. Those leaders sitting to the left and right may yet hold hands behind a square-world style sofa.

The usual play in the electorate between ‘personality types’ and ‘political inclinations’ that provides democratic politicians with status is yet further illusion and has already started shifting as surprising and substantive choice-cancellers are heaving into view. Major decision points are rising up into consciousness as the cardinal or moving Signs align in a peculiar way that affects the whole astro-chart. Maybe your previously close circle will suddenly and decisively take off along their chosen arms of some unexpected crossroads. We each have a true choice of futures that may well determine which global future we shall all head towards in aggragate. And yet common-sense could return in spades to trump the canditatures of proxy politicos and their occulted supermasters. Believe me it would be folly to follow them because they, in their isolation, are more lost than we are.

Please remember this: there are more than just two possible ways to go and yet whichever future transpires for the world will not readily reverse. Our past default decisions have led us to the mess we’re in, from our educated urges to our borrowed thought processes. The future days are in your hands and yet on a global scale. What a task. And in the face of forecast personal turmoils too. All that has ever gone before this materially special, spiritually opaque period will now be in suspension and need never return. And before this momentous period has passed there will be two game-changing eclipses in November and another in December to experience. Whether you like it or not we are all going on stage under bright lights for a season and any stage-fright should be overcome and abandoned here, today, before the stage door. If you should make some small mistake get over it and expound your truth anyway, today and every day and to everyone everywhere – before that fake fire curtain gets its chance to come down and smother you finally.

(Our sister website has more on Michel deNostredame a.k.a. Nostradamus)

~ by nigelraymondofford on October 1, 2012.

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