Is this none of our business? Washington has been busy making its power pertinent everywhere and now that may include inside the USA itself

 If the rest of the world’s internal workings are none of Washington’s business then I guess this strange matter ain’t nobody’s business:

Since a civilian gov dept, the US Social Security Administration, purchased 174,000 rounds of ammunition its sister Department of Homeland Security has put out a further requirement (for Immigration and Customs Enforcement) that brings the present non-police/non-armed forces ammo purchases by gov over the last months to over 1,000,000,000 (1 billion) rounds.

The latest rounds solicited of .223 hunting rifle standard are projected forward as 200 million over several years whilst the immediate procurement of the .308 calibre is divided between training blanks (suitable for sniper training, firing-squad roulette and odd projectile mods) and the notorious Hollow Points. (This time it’s ‘boat-tails’ that look less obvious than jacketed HP’s and much more like conventional bullets on a belt.)

These 176,000 rounds are of army sniper/police marksperson favoured grade (.168 grain Match Kings which are fatality-rate maximisers). A well-trained sniper in action from a rooftop or other elevated point should commit a kill with one in two shots on balance.

(For the sniper/marksperson, the kill-rate-accuracy of the cartridge is extremely relevant, hence the Remington Premier/Federal Gold Medal Standard I guess.)

DHS have also solicited 375 mag rounds, possibly capable of penetrating even the reinforced TSA traffic checkpoint booths that gov recently ordered.

All this seems an expensive way for US Gov to get their admin staffers hyped-up. However, it seems an internal doc has warned specifically of multiple civil unrests following unspecified strategic shocks. Are they expecting armed-to-the-teeth highway convoys on survival run or private armies on the march or hostile fleets of zombie boat people attacking the National Weather Service? If not, what do these homeland warriors expect? This over-the-top shooting stuff sure isn’t necessary now and never ever should be … so how about handing it back and giving the money saved, not the bullet spent, to the American Taxpayer? (OK that’s more America’s business than mine but there is a matter of precedence: if Ban Ki-Moon ever has his way then we could be saying the same of the World Taxpayer and that’s everybody’s business, if fairly administered, or it’s nobody’s, if not.)

(Before we reach 2013, please also see  Watch Out World! Pt. 3  and my other topical takes on the website


~ by nigelraymondofford on September 23, 2012.

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