No Benghazi US embassy-consulate? Stevens the trophy of a death squad or “helped to hospital”? Bacile/movie no show. Trailer gross. MiaSMa

A diplomat at the top of his game has fallen. It happened at “the U.S. consulate and a safe house refuge in Benghazi on Tuesday night”, 9/13. It seemed “planned in advance” and “Ansar al Sharia” were present initially. The  “organized attack” had included “tribesmen, militia and other gunmen” and possibly “Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb”. Clinton has said the attack was by “a small and savage group”. It seems surprising. Libya’s Supreme Security Committee claim their men “were not prepared for the intensity of the attack”. It seems to be the case that “U.S. ambassadors in such volatile countries as Libya have tight security, usually travelling in well-protected convoys.” Where was the convoy? Words in quotes are from

I guess that a Presence Post must be where they say it is but no US consulate activity in Benghazi is recorded, making the first quotation above more likely to refer to a gatehoused private compound and a political safe house which would be, definitionally, a well-kept secret. (But it’s difficult to be an American in Benghazi and not stand out like a sore thumb: who can say how the CIA managed it for months in Abbotabad?)

Out of interest, this is a recent alphabetical listing of official Foreign Presence Posts in Benghazi, Libya:

Bulgarian Consulate
2-nd Floor Ben Shatouan Building
66, Qasar Hamed St
Egyptian Consulate
Marg Bani Amer st., District 19
El-Fowaihat El-Gharbia
Consulate General of Morocco
20, Avenue Oumair ben Abiouakass,
Quartier Tabalino, Benghazi, Libya
Swedish Consulate
4, Sharaa El Arish
Feuhat El Gharvia
(The Syrian Consulate at Benghazi)
Turkish Consulate
Hadaik Area 15 Muruj Street Villa No.6
Benghazi, Libya

All other diplomatic missions to Libya are housed in Tripoli other than Ireland’s as they handle their Libyan duties from Rome. Tripoli Embassy gives mourning and warm words for the late Christopher Stevens that mention the “U.S. mission in Benghazi”. It’s a kind and helpful website but nowhere does it show the communication details or even any clue as to the existence of an American Presence Post at Benghazi.

Washington has said that a photo of Stevens being manhandled is the Ambassador being helped. Maybe. Or has a polluted smokescreen been used by a rapine US/MSM collective to divert/pervert public opinion yet again? It is difficult to see through the MiaSMa but from web coverage it looks more like ‘Libya’s liberators’ made a night of tormenting and destroying unfortunate U.S. Ambassador Stevens, his ‘information officer’ Sean Smith and two unnamed Marines. Who put these well-armed gangsters up to it and is theirs a wider and deeper reason as yet to become fully clear to Worried World Watchers?

(Also see  and Watch Out World! Pt. 3  on the website

~ by nigelraymondofford on September 16, 2012.

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