On Mankind’s blindness, “They also serve who only stand and wait” to join in with the sponsored hounding of the Syrian kill

It seems that armed activists decapitated all nine Alawis sat across the aisle from Sunnis on a Homs bus but only after they had forced them to separate that way. They were originally seated all mixed up together. Yes, perhaps this is purely Internet hearsay but does it exemplify the truth of what’s really going on?

Just in case there is any observer who cannot yet see that the Syria uprising was likely premeditated by the pro-Sunni sea-change US policy of Redirection, try reading this:


Seymour M. Hersh points up the treacherous tread of this track in his piece for The New Yorker on March 5th 2007 called ‘The Redirection, A Strategic Shift’ further sub-titled ‘Is the Administration’s new policy benefitting our enemies in the war on terrorism?’ to which the answer is that such living threats to every nation’s security as al-Qaeda and the Moslem Brotherhood or those Salafists who would kill without conscience have all grown bigger and stronger as the inevitable result of this anti-Shi’a policy.

It’s said that in recent years selected activists from Syria, Lebanon and other lands across the region have been invited to US training sessions organized by the USSD, receiving tens of millions of USD plus encryption and communications aids. Today Sudan is two countries and Libya may yet become ripe for slicing in half. Lebanon, with roughly equal parts Sunni, Shi’a and others (including Christians presently sheltered under the Shiite wing) may be in the frame for partitioning or attack perhaps to diminish the hefty Hezbollah whilst provoking Shi’a Iran. Iraq has suffered a depletion of social capital that renders any superficial stability somewhat irrelevant but Jordan has shown Sunni solidarity so far and Saudi Arabia is Sunni to its foundations. Bahrain has a Sunni social topsoil imported from Saudi and a heavy foreigner force to prevent it being blown away, plus the strategic stationing of the US Navy there. Notwithstanding, the massed Shi’a protests are broadly attended. Syria has a majority Sunni population yet is dominated by the strong Alawi sect which is the theoretical weakness that someone has decided to exploit. Egypt was previously secular and antagonistic to the extreme Sunni Moslem Brotherhood yet not to more moderate Sunnis; what happens now? The loose lots we call al-Qaeda are dedicated Sunni although not exclusively Arab (a fringe foreign legion, really) and then there’s the possible Sunni Libyan LIFG fighters controlled by the same onetime al-Qaeda fighter and new friend of NATO as now directs the Free Syrian Army.

Around ninety attacks in Syria in the last seven months have been by groups close to al-Qaeda or other jihadi extremists, says Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. This was actually the official response to a German parliamentary question. Now it seems that Qusayr had its Christians expelled by activists and remaining children were enlisted by the FSA on pain of execution of their parents. These ‘Syrian rebels’ are said to be largely a mix of Lebanese, Libyans, Pakistanis and Tunisians who even now will avow their allegiance to Osama Bin Laden. Refreshingly old-school style reporting by German newspapers like Die Bild and FAZ seems to be independent of German government policy which is firmly in the regime-change camp.

For years the UN was plagued by member countries not paying their dues with the US generously offering to bail them out eventually. They are principally in NYC of course and so I guess the organization, as opposed to most of its member countries, may have become pretty Americanized by now.

As a government policy the Sunni shuffle is unavoidably anti-Shi’a, deepening or creating divisions, and about as psychologically smart as the British Empire’s desk-top decision to draw straight-edge lines on maps as borders between Middle East nations (and other arbitrary, over-simplistic partitionings that are problematic to this day). Great minds think alike, etc.

Talking of straight-lines and compass pairs and the assumption that everybody lives on a map, interpretative Astrology is one step back from Astronomy in that it allows for flat sky theory. Presently, there’s an astrological square aspect between the bounding spontaneity of major planet Uranus and Pluto the mini-planet of disguised power and conspiracy suspicions. The stars continue to affirm that ‘here comes the public’s longing for a leap to systemic sanity’ and scanning forward reveals a spaced series of the ‘did he/she/they jump?’ type of event.

An unconfirmed rumour had it that the UN peace plan was presented as an ‘if you agree to this then the activists will cease fire immediately’ deal which repelled the Syrian authorities who recoiled at the thought that it was in the gift of the UN to move the finger off or on the trigger. The rumour further had it that their response was reported to Qatar. Well, who knows? What is well known is that Qatar has one of the best organized airlines in the world and now Qatar has a security company that can even organize street scenes that are so similar to downtown Damascus or Aleppo or Lattakia that they are suitable for making news videos, according to syriaonline.sy and others.

The BBC has removed some of that necessity by accepting ‘embedding’ at Aleppo. A critique is available at http://landdestroyer.wordpress.com/

 Another point of view is available from TimeWorld at http://world.time.com/2012/06/13/hillarys-little-startup-how-the-u-s-is-using-technology-to-aid-syrias-rebels/

Apparently Time Magazine’s June 25th 2012 article on this points up that the US State Department budgeted over $72 million to train armed Syrian activists in encryption, computer hacking and video suite production.

Astrology again: slow-moving giant Saturn and energetic Mars will be conjunct next month in the Sign of Libra. The astrological power that most drives activity and the one which resists that drive most powerfully will be meeting and greeting in an atmosphere that favours agreement. Here’s hoping for honest closure everywhere. Otherwise Syria’s suffering looks to be a protracted conflict, long and bloody, and whether you sympathize with the regime or not they do have strong anti-imperial credentials to flout in the face of any encroaching new world empire that might just be muzzling/propagandizing many of the mass media entertainment/broadcast news favourites in the West.

Last week Turkey, another key piece in the jigsaw puzzle  and a “true partner” (Madeline Albright) and a welcome refugee haven despite having now closed its border, looked slightly shaky as internal rumours suddenly circulated about their senior leadership. And the people may yet resent any apparent harbouring of NATO-backed rebels that could influence next-door neighbour Assad into inclining militarily towards the well-organized Kurdish PKK that he had previously rejected. Also the SNC started cracking at the top last week but that might just be teething troubles. Doctor Bassma Kodmani is a senior Ford Foundation officer and academic apparently described as ‘French’ at Bildeberg 2008 and ‘International’ at the Group Meeting this year in Chantilly USA. She’s been aided with her pro-democracy ARI organization (ARrab sprIng?) by the anti-sovereignty CFR moneying it via the globalist CER, and she has so far sounded reasonable* within her chosen partisan limits. Up until now that is. As super spokesperson of the SNC (member of the executive bureau and head of foreign affairs) Bilderberg Bassma simply demanded UN apply the Chapter VII resolution allowing the use of force and any legitimate coercive means to bring about compliance because “No dialogue with the ruling regime is possible”. That’s like one of those literally unbelievable sweeping plot lines in a scripted drama that we are obliged to swallow for continuity purposes. There are well-trod secret passages for that kind of communication running all through history, Doctor K. For fans of theatre a little more may be found in the superb old BBC TV documentary “The Power of Nightmares” that can be viewed on the Internet and could aid comprehension of the impossible-seeming ‘Syria alliance’ of al-Qaeda with parts of Washington and the US fringe at large.

*In writings like “The Road to Ruin for the Assad Regime”, Financial Times, 14 June 2011, the learned Doctor has pointed-out that many excesses of the regime have stemmed from Assad having disparate security services with chequered responses, some hateful, but she fails to note that the opposition groups – some heroic, others cold-blooded death squads – are also patchy and neither united behind the SNC nor payrolled by them. Meanwhile all the demographic streams of Syria are to live as the people fallen into Hell. If good measure and strong structure are the accepted basis of serious statehood, allowing disparate groups to resonate with each other peacefully, then imposing ill-measured chaos could be described as fanatical foolery by wrecking ball cowboys.

Monsieur le Président “if we accept the proposition that an individual can be sacrificed for the happiness of the many, it will soon be shown that two or three or more could also be sacrificed for the happiness of the many. Little by little we will find reasons to sacrifice the many for the happiness of the many; and we will think it a price worth paying.” Michelet, French Revolution

Note: The above posting is also an update on the webpage Watch Out World! Pt. 3 on the website http://nostradamundus.wordpress.com


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