Could You Or I Write Brief Yet Complex Predictions That Really Mean Something to Someone Without Any ‘Supernatural Viewing’ Of The Future?

This is the third post to take on a complex world situation in the near future and try to warn against it predictively and intriguingly, like Michel de Nostredame. For my first attempt I ran a 140-character ‘Tweet’ and then I tried to subsume half-a-dozen ideas into this part of the post:

1. The banker bail-outs resulted from a longer assault that may have marked the beginning of a protracted stealth war between a peculiar world elite and all common peoples.

2. The good years may not return awhile for many in the West.

3. The willingness of strong-bodied, weak-minded folk to live with growing danger because there is a mite more in it for them. Until the volcano blows or new technology upends them, that is.

4. The high levels of wealth posted-up on computer ledgers for the few who know how to use corporate political power against their customers; prisoners of habit and mirage who are financing their own downfall.

5. The upcoming disasters for nations should violent reaction take over when those tossed into financial debt slavery fashion ploughshares into swords and weapon-up for ultimate survival.

6. The worry that just as people in the West grasp that neither governments nor media, neither politicians nor corporations (neither financial nor foodstuff nor pharmaceutical nor chemical) can be trusted, they are being turned by seemless propaganda into seeing a One World organization, as hard as nato, as their saviour.

To my mind, only a convinced visionary is capable of concealing multi-layered ideas in few words and in ways that others may later want to deduce. My fooling around with this became convoluted but here’s the simple introduction one more time:

Well it’s like this: the geopolitical years 1914-18 and 1941-45 somehow turned into the financial years 2007-2009 but as we gave in without a fight this time the Roaring 20’s or the Fun 50’s ain’t coming back.

I guess I’d better try saying this again but do it in the Nostradamus way this time around, by using Astrology:

And here ’tis: the stars in July 2012 say to expect giant footprints – that may melt away like the Full Moon. I am not an astrologer because only occasionally do I feel my intuition wrung by the heavenly aspects. For instance the vaunted yet tiny eclipse of the Sun by Venus in June did not touch me much although I did register June’s piling-on of planetary difficulties. On the ground they formed into unco-ordinated stumbling-blocks that obliged existing foundations to shift rather than shatter. The 24th June Uranus-Pluto Square (first in a rule-changing series of seven) and Lunar Eclipse in June further set the stage for July. Just as Mars changes its Sign here comes a united bloc composed of national political treacheries – heading for fierce resistance and the eventual return of power to the roots. Engineered social history most commonly resembles a pendulum’s swing. As it reaches the extreme of the swing we can become very worried that it may get stuck out there but usually this marks a moment of imminent return, the time for a swing in the opposite direction. Otherwise we will have reached that fearful apparition, The Point Of  No Return. Hitler was a mistaken man in that respect. So was Pol Pot. Their totalitarian world’s were challenged successfully at the height of their extreme powers. But Stalin and Mao became solidly entrenched despite setbacks. Jupiter and Gemini will make this Summer a short and swift one, likewise everything in it including any exploratory shot at dominion over a climatic zone. During this quarter of 2012, and on by halves to 2015, more than one supremo previously at the height of their game is gravely doomed, I feel. Or else we all are.

Greetings to the USA : roll on the Fourth of July

~ by nigelraymondofford on July 3, 2012.

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