My comments in response to the staggering “Forty weird things about America” tweet @Revelation1217on Twitter:

Averages are also weird. There’s arithmetic av. versus statistical av. for a start.

If 48% of Americans are in reduced circumstances why are 66% of Americans overweight? I’ve lived in the 42nd poorest country of the world at a time when 0% looked overweight. (It had just moved up from fifth poorest, I was told) So is this ratio changing daily as the poor get thinner and the rich visibly balloon out, or what?

How come only 65% of males have jobs but 20% of those males are at poverty-level wages? Do only 52% of American men make enough to live from employment? Are the ridiculously underpaid 13%  being supported by their families and so subsidising their employers like households do in China or do they just break-down while living on the job like at the big China Apple?

Is there really an average of .845% of a car per person? (Surely that’s more than one car for each licensed driver – are these powered roller skates?)

Does the av. American really drink an av. 1.64 sodas every day? No wonder there are so many big American bubbles being blown! What exactly is wrong with the tap water guys?

As there is no mainland coffee planted then the USA is drinking dry the coffee-money pool. “USD as the World’s Reserve Currency” is probably topping-up that pool, so that’s OK – for today.

Is US govt debt per cap really at a greater level of economic deficiency than the same ratio for Greece? And forItaly? And for Portugal, Ireland and Spain too? Fancy a ‘technocrat’ banker from Europe installed as the US President, anyone?

As 14% of Americans have 10 or more  ‘credit cards’ (reality name ‘debtor cards’) and US trade with China runs at 49 000 x 1985’s figures then USA has far more ‘things’ than the av. economic capacity of their folk for owning those things. Meanwhile back at the store, China ain’t gonna take ‘em back. NO REFUNDS.

If the USA has the largest divorce rate in the world and Puerto Rico is second in the league then could it be that the operation of US-styled law is prompting so many divorce proceedings? No country’s legal system dares to declare unmarried a couple that married under another country’s Law because marriage is a global custom that is older and greater than law itself.  Loopholed Rule of Law or broad Custom Rules the Law; which of these socially beneficial and fair systems should trump the other?

So what do we have to look forward to?

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With thanks to for compiling and publishing the ground information.

~ by nigelraymondofford on March 22, 2012.

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