2012 Looking Forward

Well, its another new day in the Year of the Dragon.  Before I forget, Happy New Year Dragonnaires!

Checkout my critique of History Channel’s 2012 Nostradamus (opens new window onto our sister website, Nostradamundus.wordpress.com)

Ancient Chinese dragons were not the reptilian fire-breathers of St. George but enlightened souls much more likely to swallow a cloud than to create one, who are transmogrifying away from human form as they ascend the invisible steps to heaven in defiance of that which binds us. That is, they are essentially truthtelling.

By contrast, “British people are less honest than they were a decade ago” as a University of Essex integrity study reveals.

Immoral Amaze

Based on a repeat survey, they’ve discovered that people are now far more likely to lie to their own advantage and yet no longer condone the claiming  of edgy State benefits. This surely reflects a recent PR binge vilifying hateful individuals publicly acting-out having one hand in the till. So does the public’s noticeable rise in general cheating also reflect some PR push? Perhaps by some greybeards out on a cloud somewhere who are manipulating the systems they bid for long ago via bloated foundations and financial printing powers?

It occurs to me that the score-levels of this integrity test may chime with Nostredame’s ‘reverse topography’, i.e. that their categories of


                               variably honest




rule breakers



may not be the end of it all. Are we now such routine liars and cheats that those surveyed will automatically avoid giving truthful answers? Here is my guess at the verity of such a topsy-turvy survey situation:


invariably dishonest


 folks who don’t know*


undercover police setting-up random entrapments


boastful young fans of Hollywood’s anti-heroic, anti-social antics

(*the names of their government leaders and what day it is – or any other  typical bedside hospital test following a mental black-out)

Curiously all this coincides with a PR company survey placing distrust of UK politicians at 66%. So, have UK got the overruling class that they deserve? What next, a survey proving that politicians, banksters, naked short sellers, PR companies and major copyrighting corporations are marginally more honest than the rest of humanity? And the mafia too?

Do you think a lack of honesty bodes badly for a nation’s medical or educational integrity or sets yet further limits on the development of the economy?


For some, doom is the greatest fun – as a fantasy. This year looks really tense though.

Do compare the moves made and positions taken by the European Central Bank and the Federal Reserve throughout 2012, if they last that long. The West’s money system is hanging over us as we struggle through like a wronged spouse, wanting the benefits of ridding ourselves of now monstrous chains and an unfaithful keeper but unable to imagine a world suddenly without them. What’s best for the children? How much more can they or we take? Are we compromising our birthright? Which way will the balance tip? Do you know, that basketcase you once forgave is at it again, more hard-on and meaner than ever before? To the victim the spoils this time around?

Who will win the secret services Public Achievement Cup Event this year, Israel, Syria, the Western Press Broadcasting Team or a rank outsider? Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Israel-born, US-educated, special forces wounded-in-action, Warsaw family name Mileikowsky) first warned in 1992 that Iran (pop. 80 million, similar to Britain’s, located only a hovercraft’s flight away from Saudi) would have a nuclear bomb within 7 years and yet still this continues not to show up in tests, 20 years later. Therefore they must be getting one any day now, stands to reason, so gird up your loins for the ELE logical alternative to Israel (pop. 8 million, nuclear capacity similar to Britain’s) decamping to Philadelphia. Of the 13 countries that voted against the Partitioning of the Palatinate in 1947, only two are not now off-song with America in some way; the diverse dirtlands of India (rankling a little as it senses Persian pickings) and sandy clean Saudi Arabia (the oversized family pet).

My apologies to Americans who are not citizens of the US for often using the term America to mean the USA but really everyone does this, despite or because of political correctness. Maybe 2012 will change all that.

On the surface at least, the spirit of 2011 was captured by the buzzword ‘contagion’ as the democracy dominoes finally started edging each other over. Conversely 2012 will see Europe and the US struggle with the death of – or at least a dirth of – democratic rights. UK has a Parliament of Parties none of which was approved as suitable to rule by the electorate. This ‘government by pre-deselection’ can and does strip away British Citizenship ‘on sus’. Washington chose New Year’s Eve, the people’s partytime, to seal the legal right to seize anybody, anywhere, lock’em up and throw away the key. From what I understand, that would include the President himself or herself except that Washington holds immunity from prosecution for all US Presidents and routinely claims that same immunity from the International Criminal Court (and individual countries) for its Presidents, citizens, soldiers and mercenary companies in return for enhanced US recognition.

It is stunning how many in the highest positions, including parliamentarians and national broadcasters, do not know where money comes from (no, not the Govt, although that was tried by assassinees including Lincoln and Kennedy) nor what their taxes pay most towards (interestingly high interest payments charged against the electronically printed ‘money’) or even why the US is so capable of maintaining a military budget bigger than the rest of the Mars-loving Top Ten added together (other countries paying good money to place USD ‘on reserve’ which would be unnecessary if there was a value standard – such as by gold or silver/buy gold or silver).

The Stars: the river of heaven is the milky way to the tree of life, some say. ‘Planet’ is the Greek for a wandering star. I am not an astrologer, nor do I follow astrology uncritically. Nostredame made it plain that math and measure without divine inspiration is as good as chance. It is the person, the intuiter, the DMT self-starter, the psychic or whichever-you-will, who is inspired to communicate our fortune to us that matters, and it’s where outside themselves they are getting it from that counts the most. Believe it or not (so be a Knower) in a world accustomed to being beaten-up and robbed or otherwise knocked down and helped to its feet to be dusted off by somebody palming its wallet, some of the following will seem surprising:

2012 sees 3 outer planets change Sign: Jupiter in Gemini in June (end of bully banks grazing?), Saturn in Scorpio in October (start of fraud recoveries?) and Neptune. These bigboys take their ease and stay located the longest time. Head-turning Venus and determined Mars both go retrograde and appear to go backward a short while (May 15 to June 27 and Jan 24 to April 14 respectively) and Venus will transit the face of the Sun in June (an auspicious astral alignment). Meaningful mini-planet of spiritual healing Chiron has been in-and-out Pisces for a year and will stay that way another half a dozen years. Neptune enters Pisces in February and stays in its Sign a further dozen years. Neptune-Pisces is a major key to 2012; here comes real art again. Our inner world is brilliant once more.

We may expect the sudden dissolution of boundaries of all stripes (watch out!) and unforeseen challenges by water. Unpotable water, overflowing water, oil-polluted water, more sea and less land. Oh, and don’t forget that, traced along the food chain, we are all the eaters of plankton eaters.

Physicians heal thine selves, thy medicine is not enough. Everybody should overcome long-lasting inner wounds by taking them out of their memory box and facing up to them. We needs must defeat fear this year.

At least 8 years will pass before Saturn in Capricorn restores dependable structure to the scene, if ever. Instead new forms or ‘species’ of things may develop, evolving as they go. Solid-seeming societies and familiar houses could start to dissolve. Public awareness will come up to speed and probably exceed all expectations. Fraudulent financial foundations and their political animals could be left behind like the dinosaurs.

All the above was gleaned from sound sources. But all in one year? I don’t know but the icing atop the  liege-over-serf motif cake that some are baking for 2013 is never going to set in time.

About the 21st December 2012 ‘transcension’/the Age of Aquarius

It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society (Krishnamurti) thus the task is not so much to see what no one yet has seen, but to think what nobody yet has thought about that which everybody sees (Schopenhauer) that willing suspension of disbelief that constitutes poetic faith (Coleridge) And apparent phenomena Are all the books you need (Trungpa)

~ by nigelraymondofford on January 27, 2012.

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