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Beanfeast Bank Holiday

The empires want the same war dances and wealth transfers this year as last year and next year too. If your bank account were a pre-paid can of beans awaiting collection that was eaten by your supplier and refilled without your knowledge; would you be O.K. with that? What if you then must repay a long-term debt that is imposed on you, your friends and family for putting new beans in all your cans? Shouldn’t the bean stockists  pay for that or go down in the attempt? In what way is that debt your debt and your unborn childrens’ debts? Here’s the good news – go to jail for not making the payments and you’ll get some beans for free.  A sane society balances itself, right?

Announcing our Big Sister website with a World View, check it out

(Today the British establishment is advocating softer rules on mercy killing  – see NOSTRADAMUS QUATRAIN IX 11:  DEATH SPEEDS UP)

The slough of despond,

“Nostradamus is the name under which several people have accustomed their spirit to outputting their delusional fantasies”  Henri de Sponde, 1656

The royal road,

“ …  until I became dissatisfied with everything, with every creed, with every dogma and belief, I was not able to find the Truth.” Krishnamurti

~ by nigelraymondofford on January 5, 2012.

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